Batman: Arkham Knight

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The included files will retexture the v8.03 and 8.04 suits into the rebirth-suit from the comics.

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This mod was a request.
The included texture files retextures the V8 bat-suits into my rendition of the Rebirth-suit from the comics.

Tell me what you think in the comments -Always open to suggestions.

-> Enjoy.


NB: Requires Resorep!

1. Extract the archived DDS files into your Resorep texture folder 
2. Done


If at any point in the game you get a screen full of of weird colors, this is somehow caused be the lighting in the game reflecting in the v8.03 suit.
Seems to only happen during specific missions or locations, most notably iron heights and some underground place on one of the islands. 
There are also been reported some texture glitches near panessa studios with pink leaves.

The issue seems to stem from the post-processing engine handling injected files.

To fix this, just delete these files from your mod-folder: and
It's a diffuse for the bat-symbol and a spec-map for belt.

I have removed these files for the 1.1 version to avoid issues beforehand.

Why is this happening?
- No idea.
Will I notice the files are missing after deleting?
- Only if you use the 8.03 suit and you look at batman from a long distance. -It's the 128p-maps.(the smallest ones) 
Can you fix this? 
-Probably not, unless I figure out how to pack these files as dlc instead.