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"Advanced Graphical Improvements for Arkham Knight" enhances and improves the base graphics of the game by advanced shaders injected with Reshade.

Permissions and credits
"Advanced Graphical Improvements for Arkham Knight" (A.K.A: AGIAK) enhances and improves the base graphics of the game by advanced shaders injected with Reshade by introducing the following effects; advanced color correction, ambient obscurance, screen space reflections, SMAA anti aliasing, and a dynamic Depth of Field effect, all with a quick, customizable install.

  • Customizable Install
  • Advanced Color Correction
  • Ambient Obscurance
  • Screen Space Reflections
  • SMAA Anti Aliasing
  • Dynamic Depth of Field

Customizable Install:

All of the features and effects listed can be instantly and seamlessly toggled on or off in game. Don't like an effect? Turn it off!

List of commands:
All effects are toggled on by default

  Num 1: Toggle Ambient Obscurance
  Num 2: Toggle Color Correction
  Num 3: Toggle Depth of Field
  Num 4: Toggle Screen Space Reflections
  Num 5: Toggle Lighting Effects
  Num 6: Toggle Sharpening Effects

Dynamic Depth of Field:

The dynamic Depth of Field effect seamlessly lowers the depth of field intensity when entering combat, or using the Batmobile, so you can stay aware of your surroundings when it matters, and have a blurred and out of focus background when it doesn't. 

WARNING: If you have installed Reshade BEFORE extracting the zip file, it will not work properly. Reshade must not be installed since the ZIP already includes everything you need.

To install, download the zip file and extract to "...\Batman Arkham Knight\Binaries\Win64" (the directory should contain "BatmanAK.exe").
Do NOT just extract the configuration file to the directory! This mod has files that vanilla Reshade does not contain.

This has been tested and confirmed working with Reshade version 4.0.2. Newer or older versions of Reshade may not work, use them at your own risk.

Support will be freely provided for bugs and crashes related to this mod, but only if the support request is not related to common troubleshooting requests. To reiterate, support will not be given if the support request relates to the common troubleshooting requests. You can find a list of common troubleshooting requests and usual resolution steps listed below. 

Common troubleshooting requests:

Installation support
If the installation instructions are properly followed the mod will usually install correctly. If the mod does not install correctly it means that either the installation instructions were not followed properly, or that there was an issue outside of mod. Please delete all files relating to the mod, then go back and carefully follow the installation instructions. 

Abnormal looking effects
In many circumstances this is completely normal and there is nothing I can do about it. The reason for this issue is that some of the shaders inside of the mod use depth information for their effects (such as depth of field and screen space reflections). Unfortunately, Reshade cannot pull the depth information from the game, but instead creates its own depth buffer. This Reshade depth buffer is generated from simplified geometry and does not take into account effects such as smoke, transparencies, and post processing effects, meaning any shader that uses this depth information will have its effect displayed over these in-game effects (such as ambient occlusion being displayed over smoke).

The Reshade UI shows up in-game, but none of the effects show up
Sometimes when installing Reshade it will not be able to find the necessary folders for the mod to take effect. To fix this, you will have to add those folders to the UI yourself. To begin, ress the "Home" key after launching the game and switch to the settings tab (it should be the second tab by default). Find where it says "Shaders" and "Textures" and add the paths to the "Shaders" and "Textures" folder manually.

Please read section 5 of the mod page description, conveniently named "Compatibility".

Crashes related to the game itself should be posted to the game forums, and crashes related to the Reshade application should be posted to the Reshade forums.

Updates and continual support are not guaranteed. I will do my best to make sure that my mod is always working, but factors outside of my influence can and often will break mods and applications. Examples of such factors would be a game update, or an operating system update.


Q: Am I supposed to be seeing the mod effects through the menu/UI?

A: Unfortunately, yes. Reshade cannot automatically detect when a menu is opened, or where the UI is, so it is totally normal to see the effects through the menu/UI. 

Q: Is there a way to toggle the effects without a number pad?

A: Yes! You can press "Home" to open the Reshade configuration menu, where you can enable or disable effects.

Q: Is there a way I can edit this mod to my preferences?

A: Also yes! If you open the Reshade configuration menu, you can edit many of the settings I have already edited. Just do not post a modified version of my preset anywhere, and keep in mind that I will not provide support for modified versions.

This mod should be compatible with everything that doesn't use dxgi.ini. That means it isn't compatible with other Reshade presets or an ENB (if one even exists for Arkham Knight). It should be compatible with all skins or gameplay enhancements. However, this is not a guarantee of compatibility of any other mod and I make no efforts to make this mod compatible with anything else.