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A soundpack based on Wip3out and Wipeout Fusion SFXs.

Permissions and credits

I created this soundpack with the main goal to be used along side my Wip3out NG ships. It features the announcer's voices from Wipeout Fusion and a mix of Wip3out and Wipeout Fusion SFXs with some edits to make sure everything fit correctly into BallisticNG.

Note that this soundpack isn't supposed to be faithfull to Wip3out original SFXs as it's set in an alternate timeline and a couple of year after Wip3out events (see teams backstories). The main reason I decided to use Wipeout Fusion voices is because of the limited voice lines I had to work with Wip3out. Wipeout Fusion offer a way larger voice lines pool which allowed me to easily repurpose/modify the files to replace BalllisticNG announcer voices. 

Future improvements and tweaks

  • If addionnal sound files can be replaced in BNG's future updates, I'll update my soundpack to take in count these changes.
  • I might do some tweaking time to time in order improve the soundpack.


The archive contains multiple folders to choose from in order to customize the soundpack to your liking:
1. Sound Effects
2. Voices
3. Voices (Countdown)
> 3 2 1 Go
> Ready Go
4. Menu

Create a new folder "Wip3outNG" inside your mods sounds folder (located in "Steam/steamapps/common/BallisticNG/User/Mods/Sounds").
Then unpack the content of each folders you'd like to use for the soundpack.

Note that you can't have any subfolder inside your "Wip3out NG" folder, so be sure to have all sound files in the same folder.

Special thanks

  • BallisticNG developers for this amazing game!
  • Kabelsalat for providing the files for the "3, 2, 1, Go!" countdown variant. (1.03 Update)
  • RadRacer256 for providing the source to WO Fusion beta demo files. (1.04 Update)

WipEout is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. All logos, brands, trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. This is a non-commercial project and in no way related to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.