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About this mod

An all-in-on ship pack containing all the F7200 ships recreation I've done so far for BallisticNG.

Permissions and credits

My original idea with the project Wip3out NG was to recreate Wip3out’s ships while improving their visual. Completely done from scratch, these ships feature new models and textures while staying true to the original Wip3out assets. Later, in addition to the original F7200’s ships, I ended up expanding the project and added the teams from other Wipeout games like if they had participated to the F7200 AG Racing League.

The complete roster now includes a total of 16 standards F7200 class ships and the F7200 Drag Prototype ship.

For a better immersion, I would recommend trying my Wip3out NG Soundpack while playing with these ships.

Future improvements and tweaks

  • Not all ships have alternate liveries and animated airbrakes so far. I’m currently in the process of updating (with reworked models and textures) the remaining ships (Asseagai, Icaras, Piranha and Qirex) to support these features. 
  • When I will be done updating the remaining ships, I planned to add additional teams based on fan creations (for example the team Otangle).
  • I might also add new sets of liveries for each ship, but no promise.


Unpack the archive into your « MyShips » folder located inside your BallisticNG installation folder (Steam/steamapps/common/BallisticNG/UserData/MyShips).

Special thanks

  • BallisticNG developers for this amazing game!
  • Everyone on BallisticNG Discord and UCZ Discord who helped and gave me feedback.
  • Maximilian Fraundorfer for letting me use his original sponsors design, from is project Wipeout Deceit, for the liveries of Tigron and Triakis. 
  • Kabelsalat for his help with the ships overview and the team's alternate backstory.
  • Kekka for this help with Tigron alternate backstory.
  • MisterZen for his help with Van-Uber and Triakis alternate backstory.
  • Yiryi-Sa for his beautiful screenshots.

WipEout is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. All logos, brands, trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. This is a non-commercial project and in no way related to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.