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Disables reaction adjustments for ALL, Female, or Male companions. Prevents both positive and negative relation gains. Avoid unwanted romance, focus on the main story, or just make the companions less needy. Up to you.

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Ever just wish you could focus on the main story but keep getting distracted by your companions side quests? Ever wish you could just have a party of adventurers who don't hit on you every 15 minutes? How about just making your preferences known in advance? Well this one's for you.

Place the version of choice into your Users/<name>/AppData/Local/Larian Studios/Bauldur's Gate 3/Mods
folder along with Full Release Mod Fixer.
Run BG3ModManager, activate mod, and click "export order to game"

Comes with three files to optionally remove both positive and negative reaction gain with All/Female/Male companions.
Ignore any warnings, this mod should be multi-version compatible. Only effects reactions gains.
You can still lose reaction score with companions through friendly fire. Aim with care.
This will effectively disable any relation based side quests the companion may have.