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Reworks fire surfaces, making them less of a nuisance, and more like how the "Create Bonfire" spell works in D&D.

Permissions and credits

Problems in vanilla
Firebolt, fire arrow, alchemist's fire, etc. will always damage you, even if the ability missed.
This is because the fire surface created under you will always deal 2d4 fire damage (3d4 if you don't jump):

- 1d4 from getting set on fire               (1)
- 1d4 from starting your turn on fire   (2)
- 1d4 from walking out of the fire        (3)

Changes fixing ^
- Removes direct surface damage; (1) and (3)                           (#1)
- Adds a dexterity saving throw (DC 13) to avoid burning         (#2)
- Moves (2) to the end of your turn                                              (#3)
- Changes (2) to 1d8 to compensate                                           (#4)
- Adds animations and overhead text to the burning effect      (#5)

This makes fire surfaces a lot more like the D&D spell "Create Bonfire".
There's also a minimal version which just does (#1) and (#3), if you prefer that.


Candor Mod Manager
(Add the zip, install selected)


1. Extract                                                                                                                                                                 

2. Copy .pak into "/Documents/Larian Studios/Baldur's Gate 3/Mods"                                                          
3. Copy this into "/Documents/Larian Studios/Baldur's Gate 3/PlayerProfiles/{Profile}/modsettings.lsx"
    (can open with e.g. notepad) under "<node id="Mods"> <children>", after the first "</node>":              

<node id="ModuleShortDesc">
    <attribute id="Folder" type="LSWString" value="FairFire"/>
    <attribute id="MD5" type="LSString" value=""/>
    <attribute id="Name" type="FixedString" value="Fair Fire"/>
    <attribute id="UUID" type="FixedString" value="85ab9358-e6ba-95e9-27dd-9a591a6471b9"/>
    <attribute id="Version" type="int32" value="1"/>


Why (#1)?
(1) Often happens during enemy turns leaving no room for player  
 interaction, it's basically just more damage from the ability. 
(3) Encourages using up bonus actions to escape surfaces, which
makes it more of a nuisance than it should be.                     

Why (#2)?
Mostly carried over from D&D's "Create Bonfire" spell, which
is very similar to what a fire surface would be in D&D rules.

Why (#3)?
- Adds an opportunity for the player to counteract the effect, for        
example throwing/creating water at their feet.                                  
- The damage is otherwise unavoidable. An enemy could e.g. miss    
you with a fire arrow and still deal damage before you can react.  

Why (#4)?
(#1), (#2), and (#3) reduces the threat of fire a little too much,
so this adds some of that back, while keeping to the idea of making
it avoidable. Also more closely resembles "Create Bonfire".

Why (#5)?
With the burning status being subject to a saving throw and
dealing more damage, it's worth making more noticeable.
Makes it inline with other effects like poison too.


Mod should work fine with anything apart from mods/patches also modifying:

- /Public/{Module}/Stats/Generated/Data/Status_BOOST.txt
        - BURNING                                                                             
          (Adjusts tick type, damage on apply & tick)                     
- /Public/{Module}/Stats/RootTemplates/_merged.lsf           
        - SurfaceFire                                                                          
          (Adds a dexterity saving throw of DC 13)                         

How to make this sort of mod

(for anyone curious, ignore this if you just want to use the mod)

1. Get
2. Go to tab "PAK / LSV Tools".
3. Under "Extract Package" select "Shared.pak" in "/{your BG3 installation directory}/Data".
4. After extracting you'll find "Status_BOOST.txt" in "/Public/Shared/Stats/Generated/Data".
5. Look for the "BURNING" entry, remove the OnApplyFunctors line, and change the TickType from "StartTurn" to "EndTurn".
6. Remove all other entries (so we don't override them needlessly).
7. Find "/Mods/Shared/meta.lsx" and temporarily put it somewhere you can get it for step 8 (don't remove).
8. Remove anything that isn't "/Public/Shared/Stats/Generated/Data/Status_BOOST.txt" (again so we don't override things needlessly).
9. Create "/Mods/FairFire" and put "meta.lsx" there, and modify the following:
     - Folder : "FairFire"
     - UUID : "85ab9358-e6ba-95e9-27dd-9a591a6471b9" (can change a number so you don't have the same id as this mod)
     - (rest are optional, although modders tend to change "Author", "Description", and "Name" as well)
10. Use BG3 Mod Helper to create a .pak and associated meta files (this makes your mod compatible with Candor Mod Manager too).

We now have a .pak from step 10. Now all that's left is installing the mod, and then you should see it working.
Keep in mind that to install it manually, the node you throw into modsettings.lsx needs to reflect the settings you chose in step 9.

With this process you can make other modifications, for example changing loot tables, character stats, feats, races, etc.