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New encounters across Act 1 and 2. Added enemies include unimplemented subclasses (Torchbearer, Bloodhunter etc) and new monsters. The goal is to create new, fix, rebalance and rework the encounters through the game. This mod is heavily inspired by Maxichigo's mod that is no longer maintained.

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This mod currently adds new encounters and enemies through Act 1 and 2. Some enemies are subclasses that are not included in the base game and some are enemies from DnD wiki.


  • All bugs, especially the duplicate NPC bugs should now be resolved. Some of them are removed (e.g. Balthazar, Malus). IMO major and unique NPC should remain as a unique encounter. 
  • Added encounters on Act 2 is reworked from scratch.
  • Implemented some subclasses as enemies (e.g. Torchbearer, Fathomless)
  • Also implement monsters from DnD wiki. 
  • Compared to the previous version, enemies on this mod have lower HP. For me, higher HP just prolongs the fight and doesn't add difficulty, I added passives, status and cherrypicked the skills the enemies use to compensate.
  • The relation between you and some NPCs added by this mod are determined by your actions and quest progression. They will still fight back if you attack them ofcourse.

  • For those who wants difficulty, this mod may give you too much EXP, you may want to consider downloading the addon for lesser EXP and my other mod that raises level up requirements. The addons only affects the enemies added by this mod. To give you an idea this is how much level I got skipping everything and EXCLUSIVELY killing all the enemies added by this mod:
  • Base: Wilderness(Lv4 20%); Underdark(Lv5 10%); Creche(Lv5 60%); ShadowLands(Lv7 60%)
  • Less: Wilderness(Lv4 0%); Underdark(Lv4 75%); Creche(Lv5 25%); ShadowLands(Lv6 75%)
  • Even Less: Wilderness(Lv3 70%); Underdark(Lv4 40%); Creche(Lv4 90%); ShadowLands(Lv6 20%)

  • The less EXP addons will only affect monsters added by this mod.
  • This mod should be compatible with any mod. Also compatible from Patch 5 to the latest version.
  • I do not play DnD, the NPC subclasses (or even current ingame subclasses) and monsters I implemented might not be close to the source.
  • Unlike the previous version, SE is now a requirement. 
  • This mod is not compatible with the previous version of AE. 
  • This mod should not be removed mid campaign.


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Legendary Actions Addon