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oilnarak01 inspired by MalachXaviel

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Gain a spell that will cause AI to Control Party members While you in Combat
If you use on everyone then AI will AUTO COMBAT for you

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This Mod is inspired by MalachXaviel AI Friends

Gain a spell that will cause AI to Control Party members While you in Combat

When you're out of combat you have control

When you're in Combat AI gain control

When Combat ended you regain control again

It's a buff spell name "AI-Enabled Spell" with Detect Thoughts Icon but it's not the same as vanilla Detect Thoughts (just use icon)

to remove buff spell and return to normal (AI won't take control anymore) just cast the spell at your party members again

i attached spell to camp shoes so everybody that wear shoes can use it

but if you to want to added it manually by using cheat engine spell's id is Target_Friends_AI

Can use better with my summon AI Mod Minthara As summon from Start

Also work on summon & familiar

Note : you can CAST THIS ON YOURSELF INCLUDED (main character) then go grab a popcorn while AI do AUTO COMBAT for you xD

Fixed : Now AI will gain control even joined combat in mid fight

Updated : Added 4 Archtype to spell Now there're Tank , Healer , Mage , Rogue
               : Added Localization for skills in english
               : And you can edit Archtype behavior to your liking as same as before
               : to use skill no longer need "camp shoes" anymore

NEW !!!

Updated : Added AI Control - Animal Archtype Released 1.0
               : Archtype called by animals type and now have 10 archtypes
               : Cooler casting animation & cooler archtypes icon
               : need to download with Adjust your own AI behavior - Animal Archtype or all archtype will just acting the same
               : Add a variances buff to every animals archtypes and saparate in to two normal buff and super buff

Normal Buff

AI Archetype : Badger -> Grant you 2 Constitution , Increase Max HP by 25%.
AI Archetype : Spider  -> Grant You 2 Intelligence , 2 Wisdom , 2 Charisma and  x1.5 Your Spell Slot.
AI Archetype : Wolf     -> Double Your Bonus Action.
AI Archetype : Bear     -> Grant You 2 Strength and 1d4 Damage Bonus.
AI Archetype : Cat       -> Grant You 2 Dexterity , 2 Initiative and Half Fall Damage.

Super Buff

AI Archetype : Deep Rothe          -> Grant you 5 Constitution , Increase Max HP by 50%  and Resistance To Psychical Damage.
AI Archetype : Raven                    -> Grant You 5 Intelligence , 5 Wisdom , 5 Charisma and Double Your Spell Slot.
AI Archetype : Black Panther       -> Grant You 5 Dexterity , Double Your Movement Speed , 15 Initiative and Ignore Fall Damage.
AI Archetype : OwlBear                 -> Grant You 5 Strength , 5 AC and 1d10 Damage Bonus.
AI Archetype : Saber-Tooth Tiger -> Double Your Action and Bonus Action.

Note : These buff only apply in combat so you won't see any different while out of combat

(needed to download Adjust your own AI behavior - Animal Archtype)
For Badger & Deep Rothe         ->  i set initial AI behavior to be Tank 
For Spider & Raven                   -> i set initial AI behavior to be Range , Can use with Mages
For Bear & OwlBear                  -> i set initial AI behavior to be Damage Dealer, Can use with Melees
For Cat & Black Panther           -> i set initial AI behavior to be Controler , Can use with Rouges , Rangers
For Wolf & Saber-Tooth Tiger  -> i set initial AI behavior to be All Rounder 

and since AI can't target itself while having AI CONTROL status so i made a work round so that ai can use dash action

Fixed in 1.81 Now AI Can use dash but... it will use on end of turn so dash will take effect on next turn
Added in 1.9 Now AI Can use dash and action surge on self in their turn not just in end of turn (sometimes it still use at end of turn)
And change attached spell to camp shoes again to avoid crash on uninstalling mod (be sure to remove all buff before uninstalling)
And Added a passive toggle off on companions that effect by AI CONTROL buff (just click on toggle dismis icon that appear while have buff and buff will disappear)

Also updated old 4 AI Archtype with no buff to version 1.9 + change attached spell to camp shoes (now they can use dash & action surge)

how to install :
install with baldur's gate 3 Mod Manager

i think my mod need Full Release Mod Fixer too