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Full Release Compatible: Changes the weight of gold to zero. Weightless Gold. Carry as much gold as you want. Gold.
Read the Warning in the Mod description before installing.

Permissions and credits
Full Release Compatible:  Changes the weight of gold to zero.  Weightless Gold.  Carry as much gold as you want.  Gold.

Do not install this mod while you are ENCUMBERED.  It can bug out the ability to lose the encumbered debuff if the mod brings you below the encumber threshold.  This only occurs due to the weight change from installing, things work as expected after installation.

If this happens to you while under normal encumbrance (yellow), you can fix it by bringing yourself over your new encumbrance threshold.

If this happens while you are at max encumbrance (red) then:  bring yourself over your new encumbrance threshold, save, uninstall (if you're using BG3MM: drag mod over to inactive, then export), load your new save, unencumber your character, save, then reinstall mod.

Recommend installing via the BG3 Mod Manager.  Do not ask me to troubleshoot Vortex for you, I don't use it.

Unzip .pak file into your (by default) "C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods" folder or equivalent.
Run or Refresh BG3 Mod Manager.
Drag Mod from "Inactive" (right side) to "Active" (left side)
First time running the mod:  Place at bottom of load order for maximum compatibility with other mods.
Click on the "Export" button or go to "File->Export to Game"

REQUIRES - "Baldur's Gate 3 Mod Fixer".  The mod fixer doesn't need to be installed via the manager, just place the .pak file in the Mod folder and it will work without extra steps.  Previous versions of the Mod Fixer, "Full Release Mod Fixer" or "Patch 3 Mod Fixer", are completely identical files so you can stick with them if you have them already.

Will throw up an error ("Unable to create a working story") when creating a new game or loading a game from before this mod was installed.  This error can be ignored, if you have the above Mod Fixer installed.  Installing "ImprovedUI", will remove the error message.

If installed mid-campaign, it will cause the Time Played (the number displayed on your savegame) to reset.  Same with every other mod that requires the above Mod Fixer.

Can be installed/uninstalled mid-campaign.

Mod Troubleshooting Guide: If the mod isn't working for you, please double check your installation by following the steps in the guide.

Manual Installation Info:
Under ModOrder->Children:
            <node id="Module">
              <attribute id="UUID" value="GOLDWEIG-HTZE-RO12-4444-deeeeeeeeeef" type="FixedString" />

Under Mods->Children:
            <node id="ModuleShortDesc">
              <attribute id="Folder" value="Gold Weight Zero" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="MD5" value="" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="Name" value="Gold Weight Zero" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="UUID" value="GOLDWEIG-HTZE-RO12-4444-deeeeeeeeeef" type="FixedString" />
              <attribute id="Version64" value="36028797018963968" type="int64" />