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Makes the Blade Ward cantrip useful by turning it into a bonus action.

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The base Blade Ward cantrip is generally considered extremely weak. This mod attempts to fix that by changing it from an Action to a Bonus Action.

By request, several alternate versions were also added, with increased duration, and several variations on casting time (Action/Bonus Action) and cooldown (at will or 1/short rest). The default still lasts until the end of your next turn, as per vanilla BG3.

Enemies will also be able to use this, if any of them have Blade Ward. Though I haven't run into any yet.

Note on duration: The turn count decreases/ends at the end of your turn. So the base spell's duration of "2 turns" is actually 1 full round, ending at the end of your next turn.

Compatible with every other mod, unless they also change specifically Blade Ward.
Install as any other .pak mod, with BG3 mod manager.
Only use the version you want.