Baldur's Gate 3

About this mod

This mod changes True Strike to be useful, by changing it to a bonus action instead of a full action. I've also changed the duration to 1 round to accommodate, as the intended use is for 1 round of advantage both in vanilla Baldur's Gate and D&D. You can now also cast the spell on yourself and it is no longer a concentration spell.

Permissions and credits
This mod changes the True Strike cantrip in a few ways:
  • Changes cast time from 1 Action to 1 Bonus Action
  • Allows self casting
  • No longer a Concentration Spell

Updated to include two more files to give more options:
  • Original: True Strike as a bonus action, no cooldown, most like D&D.
  • Per Combat: True Strike once per Combat, which seems the most balanced for BG3.
  • Per Short Rest: 3 original changes, but keeping the Short Rest cooldown, most similar to Vanilla BG3 True Strike.

I believe this change is class agnostic so it should work on every class that can or will be able to cast True Strike. It only modifies the True Strike spell itself so it should work with all mods that don't change True Strike. If these changes aren't showing up please check your load order and load this mod after any other spell mods in case they use blanket changes and accidentally left the vanilla True Strike in their packs.
This file works with existing Saves.

I installed this mod using Baldur's Gate 3 Mod Manager:
In order to install this mod using BG3MM: (Must install Full Release Mod Fixer first, following their install instructions)
  • Download the mod manually
  • Extract the mod to whichever folder you'd like
  • Place the .pak file into your BG3 Mods folder, located by typing %appdata% into your search bar then going to /Local/Larian Studios/Baldur's Gate 3/ Mods
  • Open up BG3MM and if you don't see the mod on the right side under Inactive Mods, hit the refresh button right above it (if it's still not there the .pak file is in the wrong place)
  • Drag the mod from the Inactive Mods (right) side to the Active Mods (left) side
  • Click File and Export Order to Game (Ctrl + E)
  • Play Game
If you need it, there are pictures up top after the mod pictures that show where these things are.

If you're downloading with Vortex Mod Manager, I haven't tested it but I've heard you can click Download With Manager instead of Download Manually and the file should work. I'll try troubleshooting that once the files uploaded.