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There are a huge number of quips and comments for your companions in BG3 that only get used if you are playing as them. This mod repurposes all of those lines to be used as companion chatter. All lines play in the correct moment and match the situation. It really makes your party feel more alive!

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PATCH 6 FIX IS UP! Download No need to update config app if you use it!

Known issue! Hotfix 18 re-broke this mod. Working on a fix.
The mod is working again with Hotfix 19!

Configurable version of the app is now out! This is intended to replace the three existing versions. If you are currently using the Tav Included or Durge versions, remove the existing mod from your active mods and install the configurable version. The configurable version defaults to the standard settings. Check the optional files for the config app. I made the config app to try to provide an easy way to tweak various settings for this mod. Let me know what you think. Over time, I will add more config options. The config app lets you adjust things however you see fit, but it also includes preset settings for Tav Included and Durge players.

Chrome might warn you about downloading the config app since its an executable by an unknown author (me). Its totally safe to allow the download. Windows will also probably warn you about a similar thing. On that popup, just hit 'more info' and then 'allow'.

NOTE: no matter what version you used before, you can tweak the settings however you want. Any durge specific fixes are always included in the mod no matter what. The 'durge' preset only changes the dialog frequency of each character to reflect how it was tweaked in the old durge version. You can stick with that or adjust it to your liking. This version is the first step towards making this mod able to suit the exact preferences of everyone, and it also makes it a lot more manageable on my end since I only have to deal with one version from here on out.

NOTE 2: If you already use the BG3 mod manager, you should already have the .NET framework version needed to run the config app. But if you do not, you need to install  .NET framework 4.7.2

NOTE 3: The config app only works on WINDOWS. Soon, I will release an update that makes it fairly convenient to manually update the settings file without the app for those not on windows.


There are a huge number of quips and comments from your companions in BG3 that only get used if you are playing as them. But the vast majority of people
play with a custom character. This mod repurposes all of those lines to be used as companion chatter. Intended for people who play as custom
characters and want to hear even more from their companions. This includes not only the origin characters but also Minthara, Halsin, Jaheira, and Minsc. 

-Instead of the generic lines you usually hear from your custom character, companions
will chime in with their own corresponding lines for that moment, which are often character specific and far more interesting. These are the lines that you'd hear if you were playing as them.

-There is a good chance you haven't heard most of these lines, so its great for spicing up your next playthrough.

-Does not interfere with dialogs where your custom character talks to
your companions, such as when the dragon flies overhead in act 1.

-Does not interfere with existing party banter! Any dialogs with more than 1 speaker are left untouched.

-Works with all companions. Works with any party size, including beyond 4. A member of your party is chosen randomly to
speak. Party members who are too far away in the moment won't be used.

-If you are alone / too far away from all party members, then your
custom character will say the line like usual.

-When you are controlling someone other than your custom character, behavior will be normal. (The person you are controlling will say their line).

-Technically also works with hirelings - although their dialog is the same as what you'd hear from your custom character. It can still make things feel more alive though.

-This mod can be added at any point in a playthrough

-Alternate version available for those that still want to hear their tav talk once in a while. See files.

-Primarily targeted at those who play single player with a custom character. You can technically use this if you are playing an origin character, but I would not recommend it because the lines spoken by your character in that case are actually worth hearing.

Feedback is appreciated. I've never done this whole "making a mod" thing before so let me know if there's something I've missed. Also, let me know if you think something should be tweaked or added.

Thank you to the BG3 modding channels on the Larian discord for being a great resource. And thank you to Larian for making the best RPG of all time.


Requires Script Extender
Use BG3 Mod Manager (strongly recommended) or move the pak file into your AppData/Local/Larian Studios/Baldur's Gate 3/Mods folder

To uninstall, use BG3 Mod Manager or remove the pak file from your mods folder