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As a Warlock, You ever wished with all these mods that uncap the XP bar that you would get your bread and butter Eldritch Blast rays increased? well wish no more for I have finally delivered, this mod increases the amount of Rays your Eldritch Blast has, there are version for 2, 3 and 4 Rays!

Permissions and credits
I wanted a mod like this for a while now but I guess no one could be bothered to make one so here we are. You get the rays at the beginning NOT after reaching lvl 5 like you would in 5e, all the Eldritch Invocations work as well.

Eldritch Blast is already strong as is and increasing the amount of rays is obviously going to make the game that much easier for you but this mod is not for making the game "fair" so use at your own discretion, also I have no idea if this mod works for multiplayer and I'm not planning to fix it if it doesn't any time soon so keep that in mind.

I don't really like Candor installer so the only way to install it is the good old way, choose the version of the mod you want, put the .pak file in the mods in the C:Users\UserName\Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods folder.

Then write this in your modsettings.lsx file which is in C:\Users\Username\Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\PlayerProfiles\ProfileName\, don't forget to set it to write only after you're done.

<node id="ModuleShortDesc">
    <attribute id="Folder" type="LSWString" value="BlastinX2"/>
    <attribute id="MD5" type="LSString" value=""/>
    <attribute id="Name" type="FixedString" value="BlastinX2"/>
    <attribute id="UUID" type="FixedString" value="ef46428f-d4ff-4041-b76b-2e3c8d618b61"/>
    <attribute id="Version" type="int32" value="1"/>

Also make sure to replace BlastinX2 with BlastinX3/BlastinX4 depending on which version of the mod you downloaded.

By popular demand I have also added the Loose version of the mod, install at your own Peril, I have no fucking idea if it works because I am one version behind the newest update and I CBA testing it, if it works it works.