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An assortment of custom piercings all in one place!

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What is this mod?

This mod contains an assortment of custom earrings and piercings made by me. It includes piercing sets from both my Customization Compendium and Dunmer Race, as well as an assortment of new options. This mod also functions as a resource for modders who want to make custom piercing sets, they can use this mod as a dependency.

All piercings are chosen within the CC and should work for all races, however there may be some minor clipping on some sets with wider jaws or different shaped ears. Most of the piercings take the vanilla piercing colour so I recommend using my Piercing Retextures if you want some extra colours. 

Currently adds a total of 45 new piercing sets to pick from.


I recommend installing with BG3 Mod Manager, simply drag into your active mods.


There shouldn't be any conflicts, mod is fully compatible with Trips Accessories and Jerinski's Piercing Edits (I highly reccomend both!). If you are using my customization compendium or the dunmer race, I have set the mod up so that there should be no duplicate earrings/conflicts.


Thank you to Tripsadin who lets me dig through their accessory mod to learn how to assign piercings to different bones
Thank you to labotor for helping me find various Vtex textures for the piercing parts
Thank you to commanderstrawberry for providing me with some upscaled textures for the Lathander earrings
As always thank you to the folks in the Down By The River discord for their support and ideas!