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Tired of switching to Astarion everytime you find a chest? This mod lets the active character use the highest bonus to sleight of hand in the party when picking locks, disarming traps, and picking pockets.

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This mod finds the total of the highest combined dexterity + sleight of hand + gear in the party, then subtracts the active character's own bonus (or ignoring this when the active character already has the highest) then adds that remainder as an "Assistance" status that lasts for the duration of the sleight of hand check only.

So for instance if Tav has a 14 dexterity and no proficiency in Sleight of hand (a +2 bonus) and Astarion has a 17 dexterity and expertise in sleight of hand (a +7 bonus for this level say) and the lockpicking is initiated by Tav, then Tav will get a +5 Assistance bonus to their skill roll. The mod does not improve the overall ability of the party, it just allows the convenience of not switching characters for the activity then back again, a nice time-saver.

This mod requires Norbyte's Script Extender and the Mod Fixer, both of which you probably use anyway.

Credit to PlainOldCookies who figured out how to do this for dialogue checks in their Use Highest Modifier in Dialogue
mod which inspired me to adapt this technique for sleight of hand events.