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Tieflings finally get to be as terrific as everybodies dilogue implies.

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Tieflings now get abilities that actually echo the abilities of their lineage. They are also as menacing as everybody implies wih prof in intimidation and access to thaumaturgy.

I loosely categorized the 3 lineages based on eaches abilities:

Asmodeus is absolute lord of hell, master of hellfire, able to manipulate your mind with a glance and tear apart your psyche with a few words, but also a deity in his own right able to cast divine magic better than any cleric.

Cantrips: Shout_Thaumaturgy;Shout_ProduceFlame;Target_SacredFlame;Target_ViciousMockery;Shout_WordOfRadiance;Target_ControlFlames;Target_CreateBonfire:Target_Burn:Shout_FistsOfFire

Mephi is a master of evocation, choosing to rain fire and ice on his enemies from behind the saftey of his goons
Cantrips: Shout_Thaumaturgy;Projectile_FireBolt;Shout_ProduceFlame;Projectile_RayOfFrost;Target_Frostbite:Target_freeze

Zariel is the ultimate spell blade, a fallen angel with martial prowess rivaling any angel or demon.
Cantrips: Shout_Thaumaturgy;Shout_BladeWard;Target_TrueStrike;Target_BoomingBlade;Target_GreenFlameBlade;Shout_FistsOfFire

Level 1:
  • Fire resist
  • pick a cantrip. Cantrip lists are different for each sub race, with some overlap. Theres also additonal options with 5E spells or hombrew mod.

Level 2: May be invisble in level up screen. This is a visual bug and can be ignored.
  • Intimidation Proficency
  • Demonsight

Level 3:
  • Asmodeus gets burning hands
  • Meph: gets hellish rebuke. 
  • Zariel: Guiding Bolt

Level 5:
  • Asmodeus: Crown of Madness
  • Meph: Scorching Ray
  • Zar: heat metal


  • Drag the .zip into either of the Baldurs Gate 3 Mod Manager columns
  • drag the mod from the right hand list to the left to activate it, if it isn't already.
  • Click the save icon to save your load order
  • Click export to game button, to update the games mod files to match the mod managers.
  • done
  • Adds to SpellLists.lsx. Should be comptible with anything else that does.
  • Any other mod that alters tieflings will likely conflict. Whichever is loaded last will overide the others in most cases.

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