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Slight texture tweaks to make Astarion look older and have more prominent dark circles.

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as promised, here's everyone favorite undead vampire that's been starving and abused for 200 years straight and feeding on literal rats and oh my god how do you think that this man wouldn't at least look a little bit tired. plus imho an older look suits his previous life as a magistrate more. same thing as my shart mod, i just edited the textures to give him more prominent wrinkles and dark circles.

this mod only edits his face textures, but if you want something that also gives him a more realistic body (so to speak), check this mod out.

how 2 install (and uninstall)
drop the "Generated" folder into C:/Program Files (x86)/Baldurs Gate 3/Data, or if your game is installed with Steam, C:\Program Files
(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\Data
. to uninstall, simply delete the folder. this is a texture replacer, so
it should only affect astarion because he has unique head textures.

very special thx
norbyte for their lslib tools, fnord for their dds photoshop plugin, and everyone who left nice comments on my first shadowheart mod. i might not have replied to all of them but i've read each one thrice and your words mean a lot <3

i can't guarantee i'll do them, but any suggestions and ideas are welcome!