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Feat that gives a extra Bonus Action.

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  • Spanish
Because Armor has no pockets!

Feat that gives a extra Bonus action,can be taken multime times

2 extra versions(choose only 1)
* Adds 1 of either Str or Dex
* Adds 1 of either any ASI

-> Fix some Typos sorry including the name of the Mod.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
-> Can be now taken multiple times
-> Versions with Str/Dex, all ASI, None

The goal is not to adjust balance but more fun play, at lest for me :) There are other add-ons that give extra actions and bonus actions but those need to edit files that are common with a lot of mods especially custom classes, this one is just a Feat.

There are no incompatibilities since feats are individual files.

Install with BG3ModManager

Can be installed mid play-thought, I recommend to re-spec out of it if you uninstall the mod to prevent issues.