Baldur's Gate 3
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Get Dark Justiciar gear even if you spare the Nightsong.

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If you choose to spare the Nightsong, you will get the Moonlight Glaive along with all the Dark Justiciar Gear that Shadowheart would only get if she killed the Nightsong. 
Additionally, for if you killed the Nightsong, I added Selune's Spear and the Moonlight Glaive to the merchant in Rivington General. 
I can't find the loot table for the Nightsong's body, and the game automatically equips the gear onto Shadowheart so it doesn't have a treasure table.
If you didn't kill the Nightsong, they will still show up, so it's on YOU to not buy them.

If this mod doesn't work for you, enter these commands into the script extender console. Remember to press enter first.
Boots: Osi.TemplateAddTo("e33850ba-f697-40f5-abec-2951077f2cef",GetHostCharacter(),1,1) 
Armor: Osi.TemplateAddTo("dd3f1c98-cdf7-46f3-bb8b-5489dc3433ca",GetHostCharacter(),1,1)
Gloves: Osi.TemplateAddTo("73a443e0-2056-4e4c-b8d2-d4283d8d3595",GetHostCharacter(),1,1)
Shar Spear: Osi.TemplateAddTo("61f31bf6-47ec-41e1-9385-2f6c26facc87", GetHostCharacter(), 1, 1)
Selune Spear: Osi.TemplateAddTo("2eeabe97-8f29-4f4f-827e-6cfcd8fd1779",GetHostCharacter(),1,1)
Moonlight Glaive: Osi.TemplateAddTo("24f276e7-f08f-44f1-ab97-3df34fd52add", GetHostCharacter(), 1, 1)

As an extra, I made Shadow Teleportation on the Boots use a Bonus Action rather than your Action.