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This mod adds some characters from the game as hirelings. Characters such as Alfira, Dror Ragzlin, Nere and Kagha. It also contains characters from different races like minotaurs, bugbears, ogres.

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Embark on an epic journey through Baldur's Gate 3 with this mod, which breathes new life into your adventure by replacing 12 base game hirelings with iconic characters from the game world. Discover familiar faces as you traverse Faerûn. Below is the full character list and a glimpse into their backgrounds:

  • Alfira: Alfira, a troubled Tiefling bard, seeks inspiration to complete her haunting melody.

  • Kagha: Kagha, the archdruid of the Emerald Grove, is willing to perform the enigmatic Rite of Thorns, reshaping the fate of the Grove and its inhabitants.

  • Dror Ragzlin: Dror Ragzlin, one of the Goblin leaders alongside Minthara and True Soul Gut, weaves a complex tapestry of alliances and intrigue.

  • Nere: True Soul Nere, chosen by the Absolute, commands a pack of formidable duergar in a relentless quest.

  • Minotaur: Towering and fierce, Minotaurs bring their formidable strength and bull-like determination to your party.

  • Grukkoh: Grukkoh, a charming bugbear, shares a mysterious bond with Buthir, an enigmatic ogre, hidden within a barn.

  • Buthir: Buthir, the reclusive ogre in the barn, adds a touch of whimsy to your party, making for an unforgettable duo.

  • Priestess Gut: True Soul Gut, an elderly goblin woman and the high priestess of The Absolute, weaves ancient spells and wisdom.

  • Flind: Leading a pack of savage Gnolls along The Risen Road, Flind is a formidable force in the world of BG3.

  • Efrin: Efrin is a dwarf in Overgrown Tunnel, petrified by Auntie Ethel..

  • Thulla: Thulla, a poisoned Deep Gnome, is safeguarded by the enigmatic Myconids, revealing hidden truths.

  • Sarth Baretha: Sarth Baretha, a powerful Githyanki, leads a daring expedition under the command of Kith'rak Voss.

If the venture forth button is greyed out, you can click on a different character (Gut works for me) and then click the character again.

Hirelings are dead characters, so i would suggest you use them after you kill them.

Note: If you prefer to maintain the characters' default appearances, simply remove their camp clothes and toggle the visibility of camp clothes.


Rest assured, there are no known conflicts, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience.


Easily install the mod using popular mod management tools such as Vortex and BG3MM.

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