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Change Gortash's head, teeth and/or hair. Loose files or .pak.
Uses Vemperen and Dufresne12's Male Human G1 head.

Permissions and credits
For a handsome, younger looking man.
Loose files and .pak.  
To use this face for your player character, get Male Human G1 Head from Vemperen's Other Heads (All Repaired).  

Install either as loose files (Main File + choose Optional Files) OR .pak (found in Miscellaneous Files)

Update 31/10: Gortash gets veneers - Added files to whiten Gortash's teeth. Loose files in Optional Files, PAK file in Miscellaneous Files.

LOOSE FILES - copy 'Generated' to Data folder

Main File

Replaces Gortash's face mesh with Dufresne12's fix of Vemperen's Male Human G1 head at Vemperen's Other Heads (All Repaired).
I did not create or alter the mesh and textures, just renamed for Gortash and added the file path. All credit goes to Vemperen and Dufresne12.

Optional Files

Install the main file to get the new head mesh. Optional files include texture edits and hair replacers.

  • Stubble: 3 versions.
  • Scars, wrinkles, eyebags: for an older look, closer to the OG. 2 versions.
  • Hair replacer: 2 versions I thought looked somewhat like the posters. Main file is not required for these to work.

This doesn't affect his portrait in combat or when examining him, I don't know how to do that. Also some facial animations can look exaggerated.  

To remove the stubble or wrinkles, install the main mod again and overwrite.
To remove the whole mod, delete 'Data\Generated\Public\SharedDev\Assets\Characters\_Models\Humans\HUM_M_NKD\HUM_M_Head_Gortash', 'Data\Generated\Public\SharedDev\Assets\Characters\_Models\_Hair\Resources\HAIR_HUM_M_Gortash.GR2', and 'Data\Generated\Public\SharedDev\Assets\Characters\_Anims\Humans\_Male\Resources\HUM_M_NKD_Head_Gortash.GR2' if present.


Miscellaneous Files

Added 4 mesh/texture combinations as .pak files:
  • A: same as main file, new head mesh, no stubble, young complexion
  • B: head mesh, stubble 1, lighter wrinkles
  • C: head mesh, stubble 3, darker wrinkles
  • Mesh Only: head mesh, original textures

Hair replacers are also available as .pak.

This is a mesh/texture override. These get applied even if the mod is installed but disabled, as long as it's present in the Mods folder. To remove the .pak mod, choose 'Delete Mod' in the mod manager, or delete the .pak from the Mods folder. (AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods)

Darker Black Hair from Honey's Odds and Ends.