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Adds a spell that teleport all your party members along with their summons to the character that casts it, compatible with everything, requires the script extender.

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Usage : You'll get the spell as soon as you load your save --> use spell to teleport your party to you, no more stuck summons/party members because of the derp pathfinding!

Spell isn't usable in combat for obvious reason, it may break a lot of stuff if used in multiplayers (like if someone is in a dialogue or something) so be wary of that.

Requires BG3 Script Extender! You can easily install it via BG3 Mod Manager

Installation : use BG3 Mod Manager or manually install it if you know what you're doing, may be compatible with vortex but probably not?

Uninstallation : Use the "With uninstaller Spell version" in optional files, cast the uninstaller spell that you'll get on loading your save, it doesn't have an icon so it'll show up as a "?" icon, the spell will remove both itself and the teleport spell from all your party & camp members, save after using it and it should now be super safe to remove the mod files!

Credits :
Super cool and totally high quality icon made by myself using 2k Skill Icons for Modding
LaughingLeader for teaching me how to use multilines command in the console, lol.
Norbyte for SE
All the mods I had to unpack to understand the insane file structure and thingies for icons

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