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This Mod adds a collection of new hair colors to CC. Includes natural & colorful tones and options for matching eyebrows and eyelashes.

Permissions and credits
Astralities' Hair Color Supplement
originally made for personal use, but uploaded upon suggestion

This mod adds a number of new hair colors to character creation that I felt were missing from the base game for
fellow color enjoyers to play around with!

14thst March 2024 • Optional File Update
Added new optional compatibility patch to optionally re-organize color options when using both this mod
and the new Hair Color Collection simultaneously. It is not a functionality requirement.


Each color (except black) includes four variations:

- Baseline: matching hair, brows & lashes
- DB: matching hair & lashes with darker brows
- DL: matching hair & brows with darker lashes
- DBL: haircolor with darker brows & lashes

UPDATED - For black, the options are more varied and include options of Black with eyebrows and/or eyelashes
in a variety of white shades, named according to the naming scheme detailed above


v2.0 Update Details

Added Dark Brow and Dark Lash versions to all Black&White hair color options

New colors added with this update include the following new colors
All colors feature options for all variants as well as highlights & greying colors

Natural Tones

Strawberry Blondes  |  Auburns  | Coppers
Light Browns  |  Chocolate Browns  |  Honey Browns


Dark Reds  |  Oranges  | Yellow-toned Greens
Turquoises and Teals  |  Purples  |  Pinks

Baby Pastels

lighter versions of all original pastel colors

Updates to existing Colors

Baby Pink & Baby Blue re-named to accommodate new "Baby" shades

Touched up a lot of the original colors - no changes were made to the hair colors themselves
Touch ups primarily consist of minor adjustments to eyebrow colors to match the hair better, as well as adjustments to
scalp and root colors to fix the discoloration seen when using certain colors with tied-up hairstyles like ponytails


Regarding Body Hair

Body hair - including both pubic hair and other body hair such as chest, leg, or arm hair - consistently appears as light brown across all hair
colors. This is intentional. This decision was made due to colored body hair appearing very inconsistent and causing glowing
or patches of color all over the body of certain races and bodies.

Hopefully in the future it'll be possible to re-introduce colored body hair.


All colors included in this mod are available for viewing in the images tab, shown on both lighter and darker complexions. Please note that for DB, DL & DBL variants I've only included examples; darker brows are typically ever so slightly tinted, but will not be as vibrant as the matching brows are. Darker lashes are always black, as small nuances in dark colors weren't particularly noticeable.

If there's any colors or variants you'd like to see added, feel free to leave a comment and I'll try to get to it.



- Download this mod
- Unzip the archive & drag the .pak file into your mods folder
- Launch BG3 Mod Manager
- Drag this Mod from the "Inactive Mods" to the "Active Mods" tab
- Click "Save Load Order to File"
- Click "Export Order to the Game"
- Launch your game and find these colors in the Hair tab in CC!

If you are entirely new to modding BG3, have a look at this video guide instead.



Improved UI & BG3 Mod Fixer


This mod functions normally alongside other mods that add more colors to CC.
I've attempted to avoid including significantly similar colors as those added by other modders as much as possible, but there may be some overlap regardless. Please consider also checking out other mods that add more hair colors to CC, such as Padme's Mods & SK's CC Colors.

Besides color mods, this mod should also function properly alongside others that modify CC, such as those that add new hair styles, faces, or tattoos. But I have not tested every mod like this out there - if you stumble across any compability issues, please let me know and I'll see what can be done. 


Note: There's a common issue where hair colors (including those added by this mod) may show up as shades of red in-game when your Tav is covered in blood, dirt, or both. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this at this time. If it bothers you greatly, your can circumvent this by using the 
no more dirt & blood mod by Margerard.


Thank you to

Padme4000 for their incredibly useful guides, templates, videos & advice
Norbyte for lslib & ShinyHobo for the BG3 Modders Multitool