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Adds main rogue subclasses PLEASE READ ALL THE ARTICLES
V1.11 Update: Icons updated. Thanks to ivan (Discord ivan0726) for the icons!

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V1.11 Update: Icons updated. Thanks to ivan (Discord ivan0726) for the icons!
V1.10 Update: icons added (compatible with ImprovedUI Assets thanks Djmr). Thanks to ivan (Discord ivan0726) for the icons!
V1.09 Fix: Sneak Attack CRITICAL (change IsRangedAttack() to IsRangedWeaponAttack())
V1.08 Fix: Sneak Attack (change IsRangedAttack() to IsRangedWeaponAttack())
V1.07 Fix: Fancy Footwork
V1.06 Fix: Steady Aim (Thanks for Tetsunoske72 for the video!)
V1.05 Fix/Changes: see bug reports - Only the rogue setting the condiiton should be able to get sneak attack, you now get another version of reaction for throwing with sneak attack (tested with psychic blades). If you dont throw just turn it off. Rogue cna play again!
V1.04 Fix: see bug reports (some are this mod, some SS/ Tavern Brawler, some BG3).
V1.03 Fix: respeccing, whispers of the grave [I was able to respec between rogue and fighter with no crashing]
V1.02 Add: 3 items should add to psychic blades thrown dmg (Gloves of the uninhibited, Caustic band, Ring of flinging). And I am delegating to ametkus to test! Thanks
V1.01 Fix: opportunity attacks are back! (Apologies)
V1.00 Initial release for new game

Features:   adds support for Thief, Assassin and Arcane Trickster to level 20. Adds: Scout, Mastermind, Soulknife, Inquistive, Phantom and Swashbuckler to level 20.

Missing:   I have not added icons. Please read the article(s) for what/ how things have been implemented. I have done my best to add features per 5e. After release I will look at different functions that I can add into the mod. And I try will my best effort to fix the mod when time allows.

Compatibility: this mod changes and adds to all rogue class progressions, so not compatible with other rogue changing mods.

Please read all the articles before playing!