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Adds an Item and spells that give you control of the narrative. Role Play the way you want and control the outcome of rolls while saving time out of combat or in. Save time with no more savescumming!

Permissions and credits
Patch #2 Compatible.

If you want more control over how your dialogue goes in BG3, then this mod is for you. Choose from Buffs to Debuffs and an easy way to remove all of the buffs from this mod. The item will be available in the Tutorial Chest, Arron(Druid Grove), and two other spoilery vendors.

1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - Added "Can't Slow Me Down!"
1.2 - Added "Speak With Anyone"
1.3 - Added "Super Damage"
1.4 - Fixed Animations(Temp) and made all the spells AOE with a 30m range. (If you don't want a buff on a party member, move away from them and then cast.)
1.5 - Added Fly to "Can't Slow Me Down!"
1.6 - Added New Spells(Create Water, Spell Recovery, The Great Pretender, and Disguise Self) as well as Icons for each spell to help distinguish them apart. Also fixed a bug where Fly wasn't being removed by Remove All.
1.7 - Fixed Roll Bonus and Advantage affecting Saving Throws as well.
1.71 - Minor Patch to make "Can't Slow Me Down!" silent.

What it adds:
Instrument with Spells:
Expert at Everything: You gain Expertise Bonus in all Skills.
Advantage on Abilities: You gain Advantage on all Skill Checks
+20 Roll Bonus: You gain +20 to all Skill Checks.
Fail Your Checks: You gain Disadvantage on all Skill Checks as well as -50 to all Skill Checks.
Never Miss: You gain Advantage on Attacks as well as +50 to Attack Rolls and your Spell Save DC.
Can't Slow Me Down! : You can fly and become immune to terrain and fall damage.
Speak With Anyone: You gain the ability to Speak With Animals, Speak with the Dead, and Detect Thoughts.
Create Water: Unlimited use of Create Water so you can bathe your characters at will.
Disguise Self: Shapeshift so you can change your appearance whenever you want (Useful with Speak with Dead if you killed them.)
The Great Pretender: Gives you all the class tags (All the ones I could find anyway)
Super Damage: You nearly always crit and do a bonus of 999 damage per hit on top of your normal damage. (I use to speed through that stupid Nautiloid Ship)
Remove All: Removes any and all of the above buffs. Clean Slate.

Installation via BG3 Mod Manager like you would with any BG3 mod.

Should be compatible with all mods.

UUIDs for spawning in-game:

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