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This mod adds some legendary items to the game.
Options available to either receive the items for free, fight for them or have them drop in the games loot tables.

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The following legendary items are added to the game:

Dragon Blade
The blade of this weapon is incredibly light but too hot to touch, almost as if it is made of dragon fire itself. Fortunately the wielder is granted a great deal of protection from fire damage. Bound to a red dragon the sword allows it's wielder to summon the dragon in times of need.

This sword deals pure fire damage and gives the wielder immunity to fire.  You can also channel the fire in the blade to summon the dragon to your aid, you will sustain a small amount of damage in doing so (this damage won't be fatal).
The dragon is of course incredibly powerful, it is not a good idea to use it around anything you don't want to get destroyed.

It is also possible to use the sword to summon a lava elemental to fight for you.

Damage 1D10 + 1D6 + 3 fire. Applies burning on hit.
Versatile damage 1D12 + 1D6 fire.
Versatile & light.

Flail of Pain
The flail of pain is a weapon blessed by Loviatar capable of inflicting holy wrath on enemies. Great power comes at a price though and the user must pay a penance to earns Loviatar's blessings.

The flail enable a bonus action that inflicts damage to yourself but then in turn enable a very powerful area attack.  The self damage cannot be fatal.
Damage scales with character level.
Note that this was designed for use with the death domain priest from my LvlUp mod, death domain priests get martial weapon proficiency.

Damage 1D12 + 3 Bludgeoning + 1D6 + Level Radiant.
Finesse & light.

Forged by Drow elves in Menzobarranzen this blade poisons anything it touches, the wielder however is granted immunity from poison.

This weapon does extra poison damage and afflicts enemies with poison.  Also has stat adjustments. +2 Stealth, +2 Sleight of hand, +2 Decterity, -2 Charisma.

Damage 1D12 + 3 Piercing + 1D6 + Level Poison,  applies poisoned on hit.
Finesse & light.

Crippling Dagger
A dagger designed to incapacitate enemies swiftly by imbuing a mixture of chemicals and magic into the blade.

This dagger does all sorts of damage, you will also be able to crit on a roll of 19.

Damage 1D6 + 3 Piercing + 1D4 Poison + 1D4 Acid + 1D4 Necrotic.

Crossbow of Great Range
A magical hand crossbow that is able shoot much further and with greater force than normal.

Extra range and force damage.  Recommended to use this weapon in your main hand if dual wielding as range is determined by the main hand weapon.

Damage 1D8 + 3 Piercing + 1D6 + Level Force.

Crossbow of Many Bolts
A magical hand crossbow that is able to imbue magic into the bolts it fires.

High chance that some extra elemental damage will be applied on hit.  Also enables a container spells that allows various magical bolts to be fired.
Be careful with the teleportation bolt, you can get stuck if you decide to fire it somewhere crazy.

Damage 1D8 + 3 Piercing + 1D4 - 1 Cold + 1D4 - 1 Necrotic + 1D4 - 1 Fire + 1D4 - 1 Thunder. 

Shield of Blocking
A magical shield capable of reducing the damage from attacks.

Provides resistances and enables the protection passive.

Repeating Crossbow
This heavy crossbow can be loaded with extra bolts to unleash a devastating salvo. It is also possible to overtighten the mechanism to enable greater range and damage but there is a risk that the weapon could backfire when being overtightened. The crossbow can be loaded or overtightened before combat to save time.

Two abilities are enabled when you equip this heavy crossbow and each in turn activates an attack ability.
Overtighten enables an extra powerful shot, however you may end up hurting yourself as you wind it up.  This damage cannot be fatal.
Reload fully loads the crossbow but uses an action point to do so, ideally you would do this out of combat as the crossbow will stay loaded until it is fired or you rest.  Once fully loaded you can fire a salvo of bolts that will hit multiple targets.
These abilities are used like spells.

Damage 1D10 + 3 Piercing

Hungering Hammer
This cursed warhammer craves violence and drives you to fulfill it's desires.

This item is actually somewhat cursed, it will significantly reduce your defences whilst boosting your attack (+1 AP, +1D8 attack rolls, -1D6 saving rolls, AC-2).  Once you deal damage the negative effects are mitigated for two turns (+1 AP, +1D8 attack rolls, +1D8 attack damage).  It doesn't care what you damage as long as you are being violent it will imbue you with extra power.

Damage 1D8 + 3 Bludgeoning.
Versatile Damage 1D10 + 3 Bludgeoning.

Ring of Power
Wearing this ring fills you with energy.

Added on request, this ring grants +1 AP.

This armour has been blessed by Shar, if you look closely you can see shadows moving through it.

Medium armour that provides darkvision, psychic resistance and has a shadow effect.

The wearer may take on the form of an avatar of Shar granting additional temporary hitpoints (+100) and the ability to create large areas of darkness.

Thorned Circlet of Healing
This circlet has sharp thorns that point outwards, you can see that they can however twist inwards in some circumstances.

This head armour is a healer item, you will be healed constantly whilst wearing it gain minimum wisdom of 20, deal damage to attacked and damage yourself when you attack others.

Sword of Ice
This great sword draws heat from it's surroundings and chills anything it touches.  Some of the heat drawn into the blade is given to the wielder protecting them from cold and stopping the wielder from slipping on the frozen ground around them.

A greatsword that chills and can freeze enemies.  Also provides cold protection and +2 constitution.

Damage 2D6 + 3 Slashing.
Heavy, 2 handed.

Doom Axe
This axe exudes necrotic energy crippling those unlucky enough to be hit by it.

A battle axe that deals necrotic damage and has a chance to paralyse enemies.

Damage 1D10 + 3 Necrotic.
Versatile Damage 1D12 + 3 Necrotic.
Versatile, light.

Staff of Slumber
This staff gives off waves of healing energy that will heal anything it touches.  However the power of the staff will also exhaust the target putting them to sleep.  The staff refuses to inflict harm on others.

A healer staff, grants an ability that heals the target and puts them to sleep, attacks using this staff will also heal the target and put them to sleep.
The wielder also gains the ability to resurrect allies.

Heals 4d8 + 4 on hit.

Shield of Deflection
This shield flickers with energy repelling projectiles.

Offers less defense than the shield of blocking but reflects projectiles back at whoever fired them.

Ring of Fire
You can see fire twisting within the jewels on this ring as if trying to escape, if you hold it tightly you may be able to release this energy.

The this ring provides cold resistance, the empowered version provides cold immunity.

Ring of Ice
You can see frost twisting within the jewels on this ring as if trying to escape, if you hold it tightly you may be able to release this energy.

The this ring provides fire resistance, the empowered version provides fire immunity.

Thundering Glaive
This glaive thrums with power, once per short rest this can be released in a devastating thunderous blast.
Provides thunder damage immunity.

Damage 1D10 + 5 Slashing.
Heavy, Reach, 2 Handed.

Grippy Gloves
These gloves have exceptional grip.

Cutting Scimitar
This scimitar ignores slashing resistance and can use a bonus action to make the target vulnerable to slashing damage.

1D8 + 3 Slashing.
Finesse, Light

Sharp Ring
This ring gives a high chance of unarmed critical hits.

Ability Ring
Increases all stats by 2 and HP by 50%

Staff of Lolth
A staff blessed by Lolth herself, gives some spiderlike abilities and the ability to transform into three different spiders.

Damage 1D6 + 3 Bludgeoning.
Versatile Damage 1D8 + 3 Bludgeoning.

Cloak of Flight
Protects the wearer from falling and provides the ability to fly short distances.

Necrotic Staff
This staff deals additional necrotic damage and heals the wielder for the same amount (scales with level). Drained targets are weakened, they will be unable to heal and take additional damage (1D4 Necrotic) if they fail a constitution saving throw.
The staff can also be used to summon ghouls and a skeletal bronze dragon.

Damage 1D8 + 4 Bludgeoning + 1D4 Necrotic.
Versatile Damage 1D10 + 4 Bludgeoning + 1D4 Necrotic.
Versatile, finesse.

Celestial Fury
A legendary Katana with the spirit of a trumpet archon bound inside. Deals additional lightning damage and may stun on hit.
Allows the use of blind and lightning strike spells.

Damage 1D8 + 3 Slashing + 1D8 + Level Lightning.
Versatile Damage 1D10 + 3 Slashing + 1D8 + Level Lightning.

Insatiable Axe
This great axe does more damage the more times it has hit a target recently.

Damage 1D12 + 3 Slashing + 1D6 Force for each recent hit (up to + 10D6 force at 10 recent hits).
Heavy, 2 Handed.

Glacial Armour
Hat, robe, boots, glove and amulet for casters.
Cold themed gear giving various cold abilities.

Reaper's Scythe
A scythe touched by death which deals additional necrotic damage and returns temporary hitpoints for the same amount.
Large cleave ability.
Has a toggleable aura that causes vulnerability to necrotic damage.

Damage 1D12+3 Slashing + 6+Level+Proficiency Necrotic.
Heavy, Reach, 2 Handed.

Branchala's Lyre
A lyre once owned by the god of music himself.
Adds additional bardic inspiration.
Provides several bardic abilities:
Lullaby - Sends targets to sleep.
Concussive Blast - Deals 4D10+Level Force damage in a large frontal cone
Song of Mending - Heals and provides temporary hitpoints for allies in a large area. Healing is based on the bards level, charisma and proficiency-

Holy Set
Holy Helm:
  • +2 Intelligence and advantage on intelligence saving throws
  • +2 Wisdom and advantage on wisdom saving throws
  • +2 Charisma and advantage on charisma saving throws
  • AC2
  • Darkvision
Holy Breastplate
  • Reduces Slashing, Bludgeoning and Piercing damage by 4
  • +2 Constitution and advantage on constitution saving throws
  • +2 to rolls
Holy Gauntlets:
  • +2 Strength and advantage on strength saving throws
  • Arcane acuity
  • +25% HP
  • AC2
Holy Greaves:
  • +2 Dexterity and advantage on dexterity saving throws
  • +50% Jump distance multiplier
  • AC2
Holy Hammer:
  • Immune to disarm
  • 1d8+Level+Proficiency bonus as radiant in addition to normal weapon damage
  • Gives an attack roll bonus

Reeling Bow
This short bow can fire a shot that pulls the target towards you, it can also fire a quick shot using a bonus action point.

Natures Flute
This flute allows a bard to charm or frighten plants and animals in a large area.
A Dire Wolf companion can also be summoned. The Dire Wolf scales with bard level.
  • +2 Charisma & Advantage on Charisma rolls
  • +4 Nature
  • +3 Bardic Inspiration

Blood Dagger
This dagger accepts blood sacrifice in order to either restore a spell slot or even action and bonus action points.
The higher the level the more health it will cost to complete the sacrifice.
Weapon damage will also be increased by 1D6+Level on completion of a sacrifice.

Unstoppable Force
A 2 handed hammer that completely ignores bludgeoning resistance. May inflict additional force damage and knock back on hit.
It would be unwise to hit something immovable with this.
Damage 4D4 + 3 Bludgeoning (ignores resistance) + 1D6+Level Force
Heavy, 2 Handed.

Immovable Object
A shield with +4AC and bludgeoning immunity.
You probably want to keep this away from any unstoppable forces

Base Legendary Items
The games existing legendary items will also be obtainable. These are not identical to the games items so do not effect the game (most of the games legendary items are considered unique so spawning them in early would prevent them from existing later).
Two infernal items were also upgraded to legendary.


The items are provided by a spell called dark pact, there are two ways to get this spell.
Either hide (press C) and a new spell "Dark Pact" will appear in your hot bar (icon looks like bane) or toggle on the dark pact passive which will have the same effect. New characters will find the toggle in their toggles, existing characters will find it under common in their spell book and will need to drag it down to custom to use it.
This is a spell container, open it and cast one of the spells on yourself.
Dark Pact - Rampage just gives you all the items, for RP you are then supposed to go on a killing spree with them.
The other spells summon progressively harder monsters to fight. They will attack immediately.
The loot from the monsters is random, the higher tiers give more loot.
You can do this whenever you want and keep doing it to get more items if needed.
The summoned bag will disappear after a long rest but the contents will remain (they will fall out into your backpack if you don't take them out).

If you keep the dark pact toggle enabled you will be encouraged to fight more monsters by a debuff that will weaken you over time if you haven't summoned recently. Fighting tougher tiers gives a longer break between fights.  This mechanic is totally optional for those that wish further role play elements, you can turn it off at any time.

There is also a ring hidden in the tutorial chest or available on the grove trader which will provide the required summoning spells in case you have mod conflicts.

Optionally you can also install the Legendary Items - Loot Tables optional mod file which will cause the items to drop randomly in game. Harder enemies have a higher chance of dropping an item.
There are three versions of the loot tables, the base version, a low drop rate (roughly half) version and a high drop rate (roughly double) version.

Lastly I have added an optional file to remove dark pact for those that only want to get the items as loot drops. This must be after the main mod in the load order to work. In existing save games dummy spells may still be visible, these are there to ensure that your save game isn't broken.

Installation Guide

Download the BG3 modfixer mod and put the extracted “Full Release Mod Fixer.pak” file in:
C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur'sGate 3\Mods\
The AppData directory is hidden, you can also get there byright clicking a mod in mod manager and selecting open in file explorer.
Go to and download the latest version of BG3ModManager.
Unpack the zip and run the executable, click file > import mod, then select the downloaded file.
Hit F5 to refresh the list then drag the mod from the right side (inactive) to the left side (active).
Ensure the preferences point to the right places in settings.
Then hit the export order to game button.
Run the game as normal and the mod should work.