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A command-line and GUI tool for Baldur's Gate 3 to generate custom inventory bags, modify treasure tables and search for items without extracting game-files!

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The problem
I have a confession to make: I'm a horder and have permanent anxiety for using single-use items. I mean, I probably need all those Goblin Scimitars at some point, right?! And what if I decided to use that health potion now, when it could save my life in an epic boss battle an hour later...

Not only that, but I'm actually an organized horder. I can't stand the look of an unorganized inventory.

To that end, I started picking up pouches in-game to organize my junk. But soon my nicely structured pouches became a mess too, so I needed more! Up to the point, where you simply can't distinguish one pouch from the other any more... 

The solution
If this problem sounds familiair to you, then don't feel ashamed, it's okay! You are certainly not the only one, so I'm here to tempt you into that Dark Urge and horde away, but in a tidy manner. Introducing the Bags of Sorting!

Want a special pouch for your fire scrolls? Sure! Need something to store all those health potions, go ahead. Do you want to organize a pouch in a pouch in a pouch like it's Inception? You can!

Get yours now!
In all seriousness, this was a major problem for me and I also found numerous of articles on game websites, posts on Reddit, asking Larian to add renamable inventory bags to the game. The way the game currently works, I don't give it a lot of chance without a major rewrite on their part. So what is the next best thing? Create them yourself!

I've created a tool that lets you generate any number of bags that you like/need, and more. It will allow you to:
- Set the name, description and technical description of your bags.
- Generate inventory icons for your bags
- Generate tooltip icons for your bags
- Give your bags some flair with colors

Working in tandem with my Pouch of Wonders mod, this is the tool you need to generate the bags you need and deserve as a horder. Not only that, it's also a way to get access to any items you desire (by allowing you to stuff any item you wish into the Pouch of Wonders using this tool). You only need to have this mod installed, don't create a TreasureTable.txt! This tool will handle that all for you.

How does it work?
I recommend reading the full README on my Github (it's open-source, because I hope users will contribute their ideas!), but it comes down to this:
- Download the tool
- Extract it somewhere
- Run a few commands to setup your workspace OR use the GUI!
- Modify your bags
- Run another command
- Drop the resulting BagsOfSorting.pak (found in Output/Bags) into your Mods-folder or Baldur's Gate 3 Data-folder and you are ready to go! No need for a mod manager.

From a technical point of view: Based on your configuration, the tool will basically generate all the files it needs for the game to understand how these bags are called and look like, and pack them into a .PAK file! Admittedly, this first version is far from optimal (both code-wise, as well as the resulting .PAK), but it works.

Just to be absolutely clear: You have to keep using the same Bags.json file once you use it in a save and can only ever add new bags, never remove them unless you are absolutely sure they are no longer used by anything. The MapKey guids exist for that reason, the game needs it to literally not crash. Remove one it expects to find, and you will have a bad time. Luckily, if your Bags.json ever gets corrupted, there is a backup in the BagsOfSorting.pak you can retrieve by using something like LSLib.

So what are you waiting for!
Go make some bags! But be warned, once you start using this, you will probably never be able to go without anymore.

Closing thoughts
This tool is currently for Windows only! I am however working on proper cross-platform support.

If you would like to contribute, please do so on my Github!