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Grants your underwear a spell to a temporarily add a "Pouch of Wonders" to your inventory, can be used to grant yourself access to items of your choosing.

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This mod grants your underwear a spell to a temporarily add a "Pouch of Wonders" to your inventory. This can be used to grant yourself access to items of your choosing.

But, why?
There are a bunch of mods out there that allow you to get access to the contents of the "Tutorial chest", or other items for that matter.

The problem is most of these mods let you go through very draconic means of acquiring them, for example by replacing your Dash or Sneak with a modded version, which you have to remove again once you are done. Or you have to permanently learn the spell, which a lot of players simply don't like as a solution.

I found out that while the game has a slot for underwear, there is not really much use for it (other than stealing them from your companions and wearing them yourself, I guess). Conveniently, all underwear in the game also inherit the same base object. By adjusting this base-object, anyone who wears underwear (and who doesn't?!), has access to a spell to temporary add a "Pouch of Wonders" to your inventory.

Best of all, you don't have to swap out other items to get the spell (again, as long as you wear underwear). And if you don't want it on your toolbar, you can simply remove it! As long as you don't re-equip your underwear, it will never come back.

This mod requires a Mod Manager to be able to override the TreasureTable.txt (explained below) AND to be able to reference all items/TreasureTables from the stock game. Be sure it's loaded as late as possible, to be able to reference items from others mods.

For users new to mods: This will deactivate achievements and cause an error the first time you load a save that didn't have this mod before (or when starting a new game). This is normal behavior. I had hoped my previous versions could prevent this, but certain issues made it impossible to prevent. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The spell will be added to your underwear. Installation can be in either the Mods-folder (%localappdata%\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods), or the Data-folder of Baldur's Gate 3 installation. The mod has to be activated using a Mod Manager (or manually) due to technical constraints.

How does it work?
If your active character wears underwear, your toolbar should have a Pouch-icon. Click this, then confirm the spell and a Pouch of Wonders will be added to your inventory. You now how 10 turns (1 minute) to open it, and grab what you need. You can however enable Turn-based mode and basically freeze time that way! A boost-icon will be shown next to your character with a countdown of turns.

Adding more items
By default, the Pouch of Wonders is empty, not even the contents of the Tutorial chest, as to not decide for you what it should show.

The treasure table responsible for showing the items is called "POW_TT" (short for Pouch of Wonders Treasure Table).

There are multiple ways of overriding or adding to this treasure table:
- [Recommended/Easiest] Use my Bags of Sorting tool (also see Github) to include more items.
- [Advanced users] Create a folder "Public\PouchOfWonders\Stats\Generated" in your Baldurs Gate 3 Data-folder, and create a TreasureTable.txt (example below). Do keep in mind this will override mods, as these files will be loaded with the highest priority.

Example TreasureTable.txt:
treasure itemtypes "Common","Uncommon","Rare","Epic","Legendary","Divine","Unique"
new treasuretable "POW_TT"
CanMerge 1
new subtable "1,1"
object category "T_TUT_Chest_Potions",1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
new subtable "1,1"
object category "I_OBJ_Tool_Shovel",1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0

This will add the contents of the Tutorial Chest as well as a shovel to the Pouch of Wonders.