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Adds magic items, 5e and homebrew . The olds vids, articles and pics from EA give examples of previous items. Now Requires Script Extender.
V1.24 Fix: name and description for `Shout_MAG_Restore_ChannelDivinity`

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NOW REQUIRES SCRIPT EXTENDER (Thanks to Norbyte) Install with Bg3 Mod Manager or Click Here

V1.24 Fix: name and description for `Shout_MAG_Restore_ChannelDivinity`
V1.23 Fix: Illusionists Brace- Agonizing Blast added for BA EB
V1.22 Fix: Halforc tag
V1.21 Fix: Illusionists Bracers for Booming Blade
V1.20 Add: Ring of Weapon Control - can permanently change any weapon to use any stat (and can be removed) UUID 0bffb1fb-e387-4e06-bfcb-d0ef8a5d5c75
V1.19 Add: Blood Vial and Amulet of Scribes Wizard
V1.18 Add: Katana of Bleeding +2 DC16 Con save or Bleeding for 3 turns
V1.17 Fix: Animated Armor have a longsword and heavycrossbow 
V1.16 Fix: Heavycrossbow of explosions - shooting animation
V1.15 Add; Ring of Summoning (spiders, undead, fiends, woodwoads, bulette, contructs)
V1.14 Add; Pipes of Haunting
V1.13 Add; Illusionists' Bracers (works for most vanilla cantrips and a few from 5e spells)
V1.12 Fix: Enlarge/ Reduce Ring now has a spell to remove either status.
V1.11 Fix: attack animation for Critical Bow
V1.10 Add: Silvery Barbs to Bard, Sorcerer and Wizard spelllist (massive thanks to Celes for the code to add the spells (DiZ91891)
V1.09 Fix: add back in code for Ring of Tool Proficiency (ignore- part of a different mod). Fix Mug of Inebriation
V1.08 Add: Ring of Silvery Barbs, GreatAxe of Elemental Fire, Gloves of Invisible Weapons (see article).
V1.07 Add: Heavycrossbow of explosions, Soul Coins of Magical Darts, change name of Mug in Inebriation (compatibility to AutoLoot mod), See article
V1.06 Add: Psiknife blade (see article, but you need my roguesextra mod).
V1.05 Add: many items (watch video BG3 Magic Items Plus V105) some a homebrew, ingame but not available or some easier to miss. Also see article V1.05 and i will incldue a lsit of all the items.
V1.04 Add Ring of Aberrant Mind (see article)
V1.03 Update: Ring of Summon Creatures (panther and sabretooth), and Fix: for moonlantern [but you need to respec to reset the status boost]
V1.02 Update: Find Familar Ring (Boo, Scratch, Tressyn, Hollyphant and Steel Watch), Lightning Hammer (+d8 lightning, returns to owner when thrown), and Magic Moonlantern (place into inventory to cast enhance light and gain superior darkvision, and this effect shared characters within 30 metres), ShadowBlade (teleport in darkness and advantage in darkness), Enlarge/ Reduce Ring (lasts until removed or respecced).
V1.01 Fix: grimforged armor (had some data from early access). 
NOTE: the dragon familar doesnt have animation, its only there for testing.
V1.00 Ring of Find Familiar (Boo, Scratch and a Tressyn- not sure how the first two will go in game..), Holy Avenger Swords, HexBlade ring, ShadowEye (heavycrossbow from DOS2), Ring to Set Tags (thats just in for testing).

What does this mod do?

It adds in extra magic items, some 5e, many homebrew.
If you start a new game Withers should be a trader and have the items.
I have added to many traders in act 1, 2 and 3.