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Smooths out the sculpted abs on companions. NPCs, and the PC. Modular so you can pick which textures you want to install.

Permissions and credits
AS OF PATCH 5, this mod requires Trips' Old Shader Pack and Companions - Old Shaders (for companions) and/or Player and NPC - Old Shaders (for generic textures).

The unique version requires Unique Tav.

Feel free to use this as a resource! The edited textures are all fine to use and edit in any way you see fit, with or without credit.


The 'generic' textures affect both the player character (if not using Unique Tav) and all NPCs that use the same body type. Halsin doesn't have a unique texture and uses the type 4 human and half-elf textures.

Compatible with anything that changes facial textures or body meshes, but not body textures.

1] Unzip the file(s), drop 'Generated' folder(s) into Steam\steamapps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\Data
2] That's it!

To uninstall, delete the files located in:
--> Generated\Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Models\Humans\HUM_M_NKD\HUM_M_Gale\Resources
Astarion --> Generated\Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Models\Elves\ELF_M_NKD\ELF_M_Astarion\Resources
Wyll -> Generated\Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Models\Humans\HUM_M_NKD\HUM_M_Wyll\Resources
Elf + Drow Body Type 2 --> Generated\Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Models\Elves\ELF_M_NKD\Resources
Elf + Drow Body Type 4 --> Generated\Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Models\Elves\ELF_MS_NKD\Resources
Human + Half-Elf Type 2 --> Generated\Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Models\Humans\HUM_M_NKD\Resources
Human + Half-Elf Type 4 + Halsin --> Generated\Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Models\Humans\HUM_MS_NKD\HUM_MS_NKD\Resources