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Hair mod that adds NPC (Orin and Umberlee's cleric) hairstyles without the tinfoil accessories.

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De-Accessorized NPC Hairstyles

* What is this mod?*

This mod basically adds two standalone hairstyles; long braid originally worn by Orin and one of the NPC's braided hairstyle (Umberlee's cleric afaik). I just decluttered it and removed tinfoil accessories our sweet Orin seems to love.

For every race and body type
(Except Dragonborn)

* How to install? *

I strongly reccomend using Baldur's Gate 3 Mod Manager

1. Open BG3 Mod Manager
2. Click "File" -> "Import mod..."
3. Navigate to your file's location, select the file, click 'Open'
4. Drag the file from the right window (Inactive mods) to the left window (Active mods)
5. Click the save icon
Unpack the .zip file and manually drop the .pack file to BG3's mod folder (C:\Users\(Your username)\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods), refresh the list in BG3MM and repeat steps 4 and 5.

Manual installation:
id="Folder" value="DAHairPack"
id="Name" value="De-Accessorized Hairstyles"
id="UUID" value="94c5a48a-3381-492c-863c-98d1b201f45a"

* Requirements*

Full Release Mod Fixer

* ImprovedUi
*Customizer's Compendium

Norbyte  - Export Tool
Shinyhobo - Modders Multitool
Padme4000 - Modding Resources
AnteMaxx - Custom Backdrops
Toarie - For her amazing heads and hair pack!

Larian Studios for BG3!
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