Baldur's Gate 3
Halsin Hair for all

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Mini Text Tutorial I wrote on the Larian Discord:

  • Convert the gr2 to dae with the Islib tool
  • Install the export script and point it to the divine.exe in the lslib folder
  • Import as collada in blender 2.79
  • Make any edits to the mesh
  • If more than one LOD (level of detail) continue to step 6 + 7 if not skip to step 8
  • Ctrl + L with all meshes selected and your edited mesh being the main mesh and select Object Data to make all LODs look the same. 
  • Add the decimate modifier to the lower meshes decreasing by 0.1 per LOD and hit apply
  • Export with DOV2 script

For new meshes match object name, skeleton bone names, vertex colour and uv names otherwise it will get issues on export.

Okay worked out a workaround fix will make a video as soon as possible but if your mesh gets an error on export follow this:
  • make all edits, or mashups
  • export as dae not GR2
  • start new blend file (this step is VITAL, brings up same errors if not a new blend file)
  • import your dae
  • export with blender gr2 tool

This worked to fix some of my dae's that were not originally converting with lslib and/or the export tool in blender
no idea why starting new blend file and reimporting the dae then exporting with blender gr2 tool fixes the issue but it does

As you can see with my Dwarf Female Halsin hair. I have made this for everyone just now finishing them up.
Sadly only replacement due to possibly needing to edit one more file to add as a new asset but I haven't found that one yet.