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Skip intro, bug fix, track power usages, report efficiency calculation, enhance user interface, and improves Chinese (Traditional) translation.

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Automodchef is an unofficial code mod of the factory building game Automachef.
It tweaks various aspects of the game, including bug fixes, efficiency and power reports, QoL improvements, and mechanic adjustments.

This mod does not add any new recipes or missions.
All vanilla / mod level saves are compatible; this mod does not affect save games.

Mod is compatible with all languages, but efficiency and power reports are in English/Chinese only.

Main features:

  • Skip intros and disable analytics.
  • Fix minor game bugs like Double Bypass Meal efficiency.
  • Efficiency Report and Power Report in kitchen log.
  • Smarter Packaging Machines, with pass-through and idle mode.
  • Chance to load game on level start and bypass Roboto speech.
  • Higher camera (bird view possible), faster speeds, expanded tooltips.
  • Improved Chinese (Traditional) translation.
  • And more.


1. Download latest release from GitHub or NexusMods.

2. Extract with 7-zip or similar tools.

3. Copy or move version.dll, doorstop_config.ini, and the Mod folder into game's root folder:

    %ProgramFiles%\Epic Games\Automachef

4. That's all. When you launch the game, the intro should be skipped by default.

The mod has no special requirements.  It runs as part of the game.
The src folder contains source code and licenses.


On first launch, the mod will create automodchef.ini and automodchef.log in the game's user data folder,
i.e. %AppData%\..\LocalLow\HermesInteractive\Automachef

You can edit the ini file to turn on/off mod features.
Each setting have a short description that explains its effects and options.
See or automodchef_config.txt for more information.

If you can't see file extensions, the one with a little gear in its icon is the config file.
You may want to google how to see file extensions.


The mod is developed and tested on Automachef version 1.1.0|0|9, Epic Game Store.
It works only on the Microsoft .Net build of the game, i.e. on Windows or Wine.

It should be compatible with Steam version, and is expected to be broadly compatible with future game versions.
It can survive normal game updates, but Steam's Verify File may remove the mod.

The mod does not change save games in any way.
But because of the mod's tweaks, some vanilla layouts may yield a higher efficiency.
Conversely, a layout that can clear a level with this mod may fails to do so in vanilla.

As the first known DLL mod for Automachef, it does not have other mods to be compatible with.
Newer mods can use their own method to "play nice" with this mod.  This one's on them.


If Unity and other logos were not skipped and you didn't explictly disable skip_intro,
the mod is not being loaded.  Check `version.dll` and `doorstop_config.ini` are in game root and non-empty,
and the Mod folder exists with at least 9 files.

Otherwise, if most features work, but the game was broken in some way, check automodchef.log for errors.
You can then disable the relevant feature(s) (see above) to try to fix the game.

I have cleared the game, so don't count on future development or support.
Mod is open source.  Feel free to fork and release in a new name (to avoid confusion), or make a mod that mod this mod.


To remove the mod, delete version.dll, doorstop_config.ini, and the Mod folder from game folder.
You may also want to remove the src folder and anything that starts with automodchef_

The mod does not modify game files, so there is normally no need to Verify files.

If you move / rename version.dll and leave the rest alone, you can temporary disable the mod.


GPL v3.  All bundled libraries are either MIT or public domain; licenses included in package.