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This is a collection of ships which I've made during my time with the game. These ships are desinged to excel at their given role, and have drawbacks in others (at least some of them). I've tried my best to make them somewhat balanced and not too overpowered, though they might be a bit too powerful still. I don't know though, you be the judge ;)

Permissions and credits
I haven't played the game as much as I'd like to have done before I made these ships, so please give any feedback you have on balance regarding different aspects of the game.

Design Philosophy

Some values, (cargo for example) has been balanced around giving better stats with bonuses (like skills), and thus all transport ships have the same cargo special, but bigger transport ships give a larger bonus.

The values of each ship is too much for me to post here, but to give a little sneak-peak into what to expect:

Type: Support
Class: Cruiser
Price: 7 000 000

+50% Shield
+50% Shield Recharge
+30% Turret Speed
+100% Gun Range
+30% Gun Speed

Shield: 1500 (Base)
Armor: 2700
Energy: 3000
Cargo: 1200
LifeSupport: 800

Active Slots: 6
Passive Slots: 5
Drones: 0
Engine Burn: 0.55
Recharge: 7.5

Max Targets: 4
Scan Speed: 3
Scan Range: 7500
Ping Speed: 10

Impact Resistance: 25%
Energy Resistance: 25%
Explosion Resistance: 25%

Turn: 0.7
Thrust: 400
Mass: 150

The idea is that the Valkyr is going to have an easy time tracking and taking down small, fast targets; making it exceptional at guarding miners from raiders.

As for future updates and such; I've planned to add more fitting descriptions of all ships, do a few balance tweaks here and there depending on feedback (and my own judgement). as well as add new ships with more varying designs.


Compatible with build 0.0106 (and probably a bunch of others)