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This is my collection of Star Wars themed ship mods for the space game Astrox Imperium including:

X-wing, Y-wing, B-wing, U-wing, TIE variants, Xg-1 Starwing, Nebulon B, YT-1300, CR-90 Corvette, VCX-100, Raider Corvette, Lambda shuttle, Star Destroyer variants, Bulk freighters, YT-2400, Venator, Razorcrest

Permissions and credits
Name: Razorcrest

Class: Transport
Type: Shuttle
Manufacturer: K.D.Y.
Price: 325000
Active slots: 2
Passive slots: 4
Shields: 400
Armor: 850
Energy: 425
Cargo: 650
Life support: 250
Mass: 125
Drones: 0

Name: YT-2400 Light Freighter

Class: Transport
Type: Utility
Manufacturer: C.E.C.
Price: 1000000
Active slots: 2
Passive slots: 4
Shields: 1500
Armor: 1250
Energy: 750
Cargo: 2500
Life support: 350
Mass: 165
Drones: 0

Name: Venator Class Star Destroyer

Class: Carrier
Type: Attack
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yard
Price: 99999999
Active slots: 9
Passive slots: 5
Shields: 8000
Armor: 4000
Energy: 5000
Cargo: 6500
Life support: 1000
Mass: 465
Drones: 18

Name: Astrox Class Star Destroyer