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Change various aspects of Eivor's appearance

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AC Valhalla has an extensive character build system for players and NPCs.  This mod makes additional NPC options available to apply to Eivor.  Since this was not intended by the game developers, expect to see side effects in game.  As a precaution, back up your save files!

** THIS MOD IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED OR MAINTAINED.  The last release was for version v1.5.3 **


This mod requires Forger patch manager version 2.10 or later.

Click Locate at the top of the Forger window, browse to your game install folder, and choose ACValhalla.exe (not ACValhalla_plus.exe)

Copy the .forger2 file(s) in the mod to the new ForgerPatches folder in your game directory.

Click Rescan in Forger.

Character Options

To resolve Level Of Detail problems with character hair, it's recommended to set the Character property to 4 in ACValhalla.ini as mentioned here.

To reduce the game loading time, the opening video files can be renamed or deleted.  In the game folder's videos subfolder, remove ANVIL_Logo.webmBlackScreen.webmPC_AMD_Ryzen.webm, and UbisoftLogo.webm, and all of the .webm files in the subfolder corresponding to your game interface language.

Hair Style

This mod targets hairstyles that are not available to the player by normal means.  Because they weren't designed for Eivor, they do not accommodate headgear and might clip though outfits.  There could be other odd side effects that I will not be able to fix.

Refer to the charts in the mod images for previews of hair styles.  Styles are not gendered, so the images may show them on the "wrong" Eivor gender.  Only the default hairstyle and color are affected.  Styles and colors applied at a barber are NOT affected.

One style, 42. Master Braid, is customizable and has a second set of options for fine tuning.

Hair Color

There are two types of hair color definitions in the game:

  • Named (recommended) - The label includes a base color (e.g. Brown) and the age of the character.  At age 25, the color is fully saturated..  With each age increase, the base color fades and is overtaken by gray hair.
  • Numbered (used by vanilla Eivor and NPCs) - Refer to the mod images for color previews.  This type does not change the eyebrow color.  Hair color 25 is actually no defined color, so expect it to change unpredictably with each style.


The build logic for beards is highly complex, and I've attempted to simplify the choices as much as possible.  Beard styles come in 3 varieties.

  • Named - Beards from named characters do not have any customization options.
  • Styles 03, 04, 05 - By default, these styles show a full beard with accessories, as pictured in the top half of the beard chart in the mod images.  Additional options are available that allow their component parts to be removed or replaced.  Each style's options are unique, any options selected must begin with the beard style number to have any effect.
    For example, the options for Style 03 are: Side - 03. Shaved, Chin - 03.Shaved, Large Braid - 03. None, and Small Braid - 03. None.  Enabling all of these options together would remove the entire beard.
  • Style 02 (Build-A-Beard) - The most customizable style, it allows you to combine Side, Mustache, and Chin pieces into over 1,000 combinations. Refer to the lower half of the beard chart for samples of each piece.  Again, all options for this style begin with "02. "


Change the look of your character dramatically by switching heads with an NPC.

  • Named - Heads for named characters (pictured in the mod images) are generally the least versatile and do not include scaling data.  This means they are designed for only one Body Type and Skin Tone, which is indicated in parentheses.  The fit of hairstyles may also be hit or miss.
  • Shapes - This is a new type I've included for testing (M: Rikiwulf, F: Moira).  I might share more in the Comments section before the next version release.
  • Presets - Head presets are more versatile and will scale to fit different bodies and hair styles

Skin Tones

See the preview in the  mod images.  Valhalla does not use the complex skin shader developed for Odyssey, it simply multiplies the textures by a set color value.  This means that dark skinned characters will look unrealistic as the color is applied equally to all body parts, like lips or palms.

Named heads generally have set skin tones.  Select the tone provided in the head's description.

Body Proportions

The build system allows for some body proportions to be changed to customize the character.  Generally, 0 is the default value that can be increased or decreased as needed.  The options are

  • Body Scale - Changes the size of the player model.  Expect large size changes to cause severe side effects to cutscenes, gameplay, and combat.
  • Upper Body Scale - Scales the torso vertically above the waist.  Increase this to become a little taller.
  • Beefy Arms - Provides skinnier or more muscular look to the arm.
  • Beefy Legs - Inflates the legs.  +1.0 is way too much.
  • Shoulder Width
  • Hip Width
  • Arm Length
  • Neck Length

Expect these options to affect cutscene animations and possible change combat.


Use Reset All Forges in Forger to return to the vanilla game.  If for some reason this does not work, verify your game files with Uplay.

What's Next?

Whatever I can get to work.  Check back often for updates and expect big changes.  I've barely played the actual game, so please report side effects in the Comments section.


  • ilikedetectives for testing and contributing feedback and images
  • pineapples721 for updating Blacksmith for Valhalla (Blacksmith is not intended for modding, please do not ask modding-related questions in its channels)

Donations - If you would like to thank me for my EXISTING work (no commissions or feature requests please) and are in the US/UK, you can donate at$hmnexusmodder