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This mod gives Arno dark Outfit like how it was in Gamescom Gameplay.

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NOTE: THIS TUTORIAL IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT USED RESOREP BEFORE AT ALL AND IS USING FOR THE FIRST TIME TO INSTALL THIS MOD IN AC UNITY.If you have used it already and is using for other games then u should already know how to make this work.

It only replaces the "tailor" category of arno outfit which was basically the outfit gamescom gameplay used.
So it replaces: "Arno Tailored Hood" and "Arno Tailored Chest"


Download Resorep Frame:
then download this(Resorep 1.7.0):

Open "Resorep Frame". then paste all the content inside it into your game directory and then simply put the texture files from my mod in the
"modded_textures_folder". Then install Resorep 1.7.0 then open the resorep.jar(install java first unless it won't open)...then on the bottom right of resorep above "?" click on "..." button then select the modded textures folder inside the game directory.After that Press "add application" button and hook AC UNITY from the game directory..Make sure you add the game in 64 bit.

IF IT STILL DOESNT WORK, go check the dllsettings.ini file into ur game directory and check whats the location set for modded texture folder. if the location is right then check what bit is it written after that, if its BIT|32 change it to BIT|64. Also make sure ur texture quality is set to Ultra high. Save it then play, it should be working.