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About this mod

Fixes some of the annoying bugs and adds some quality-of-life "abilities" like "Enter Windows by pressing R", "More permissive Quickdrop and Quickshot", "Removable Hood", "Select bombs by scrolling Mouse Wheel", "Catch Ledges" (made slightly more reliable), "Autowalk", "Less sticky Take Cover/Leave Cover", "Lookbehind Button" etc.

Permissions and credits
The mod aims to fix some of the annoying things about Assassin's Creed Unity.

>>> Features
  • Enter windows by pressing R like in Assassin's Creed Syndicate (when climbing walls)
  • Removable Hood toggle (keyboard "H" by default)
  • More situations that allow dropping bombs and performing Quickshots (e.g. during a jump, a slide, a climb etc.); Quickshot is less easily interrupted
  • Aim bombs from peaks
  • Wider FOV when aiming bombs and the Guillotine Gun, zoom can be adjusted by pressing Right Mouse Button
  • Arno is not forced to pull out the melee weapon while Disguise is active
  • Select Bombs by scrolling the Mouse Wheel
  • Catch nearby Ledges when in uncontrolled freefall by holding Interaction/ParkourDown button (already present in the game, but made slightly more reliable)
  • Auto walk and Slow Walk on keyboard
  • Less "sticky" Take Cover/Leave Cover
  • Slightly more responsive Crouch button
  • Easier turn when swinging on a horizontal bar
  • Some other minor things
Also some cheats:
  • Weather Controls
  • Use the Head of Saint Denis outside missions (Thanks Jinouga on YouTube for the idea)
  • Unbreakable Disguise

>>> Some GIFs

>>> Requirements
Assassin's Creed Unity 1.5.0. There were multiple reports that both the Steam and the Uplay versions are supported.

>>> How to use
  • Since version 0.6.2, put the files into the "Assassin's Creed Unity" folder (where ACU.exe is) like so:
    Assassin's Creed Unity/
    ├── ACUFixes/
    └── ACUFixes.dll
    ├── ACU.exe
    └── version.dll
  • Start the game normally. The mod should load automatically.
  • After the mod is successfully loaded, you should see a text box in the top left corner (it can be disabled in the Extra tab of the mod menu).
  • Press INSERT button to open the menu, press END button to unload the mod.

>>> Warning
Consider backing up your savegame. Also, seems to work OK in Multiplayer but not tested very extensively.

>>> Source code

>>> Credits
Sunbeam for figuring out the way to start modifying the game at all
CheatTheGame and Guided Hacking for teaching reverse engineering
rdbo for DX11-BaseHook
Vector4782 for the Hood Down Outfits Pack which was key to figuring out the Removable Hood toggle
kamzik123 for the AnvilToolkit which helped to identify some of the game objects
ocornut for the Dear ImGui library
Dark Byte for the Cheat Engine and the CCode blocks implementation
Jinouga on YouTube for the idea of bringing the Batlamp Of Franciade outdoors
SAD_DE, Jcers, LeoK for discovering and teaching the game's more obscure mechanics
Assassin's Creed youtubers for their hard work in making choreographed runs, for continuing to demonstrate the game's potential and for bringing attention to the ways it can be improved
The obviously passionate Assassin's Creed Unity developers who I wish had gotten more time.