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If you have troubles spotting the map icons and are in need of map icons that are easier to spot this mod is for you.

Permissions and credits
The fastness of the worldmap and the amount of locations and activities provided by Origins can be challenging.
Some players reported that they have troubles spotting those icons on the map and mod was released using resorep.

Resorep is not compatible with Reshade so you can only use either but not both.

Using the new icons of Better Icons by OblivionMod14 I made this mod. (Permission provided by OblivionMod14 according to the original mods pernissions section)
Expanding the existing icon set and fixing their dds-format the icons can now be installed using Forger.

In addition to the icons provided by the original mod my mod differentiates between regular unknown locations (white question marks) and special unknown locations (golden question marks) as well as properly displaying the status (discovered/destroyed) of the Ptolemy statues. The icons are fully integrated now. This means they show on the map, in the game world, and on the compass.

This mod requires Forger patch manager for installation. Please see the requirements tab above for download of this tool and how to set it up.
Download this mod from the downloads tab.
Once you have set up the Forger patch manager unzip the content of my mod file (BetterIcons.froger2 and a folder named BetterIcons (containing eight dds-files) into the "Forger Patches" directory within your game installation folder.
Launch the Forger patch manager and find a mod named "Better Icons".
Enable/Disable the mod by clicking on the checkbox next to it.

This mod is compatible with any mod that does not alter the files detailed below

The following forge-files were altered:
FileID 834592060397
FileID 454891982034
FileID 1476520107545
FileID 454891981915
FileID 834592060427
FileID 834592060407
FileID 922612817800
FileID 922612817810

Credits and Thanks
To OblivionMod14 for the original mod and the permission of using the assets mentioned in the original mods description
To pineapples721/theawesomecoder61 for Blacksmith - a tool that allows for accessing the forge files required for modding them
To hypermorphic, the creator of the Forger patch manager