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  1. KameIMan
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    From version v2.1.2.0 forward all settings are disabled by default. You need to enable the settings you want by yourself in effect_settings.ini and hud_settings.ini
    That way you only enable what you want and wont tell me something is missing or something is wrong, becouse you didnt pay enoguh attention to what the mod does and what is enabled by default in the ini's

    When it comes to effects:

    The settings included in effect_settings.ini might remove more effects than actually described in its description, so if you are looking to disable a certain effect, which you dont see in the description:
    1. try setting all the settings in effect_settings.ini (to a value equal or grater than 1 )(depending on what value a certain setting can take)(usually it's 1)
    2. check if the effect you wanted to remove is removed, if so then find out which setting removed it,
    3. if not removed report it here
  2. KameIMan
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    I've now released a mod like this for Origins as well .You can find it here:
  3. KameIMan
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    If you guys find any more issues after the latest update reply to THIS post with your issue. Keep in mind that i will not look into any issues reported for game versions lower than 1.5.3 so make sure to write what is your game version.

    If it turns out you reported an issue for a pirated game and you claim its a legit game you will be reported and your post will be removed
    1. husky92
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      It works... until i close the game, when i reopen it some of the stuff is still there (sparkling leonida's spear, red movement lines around the blades... ) but if i check the file, they are still edited ( 1 instead of 0 )
    2. DeadNO
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      deleted -fixed-
    3. DeadNO
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      deleted -double post-
    4. gogneirda
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      Hello great mod thanks. It seems the makes the game crash at launch (i copied it in the game file over the, don't know if it's the right way to do it) and with the i can't disable helios glowing eyes. Would it also be possible to add a way to change character base clothes colors ? Thanks again.
      Ps : I have a legit version of the game.
    5. wedzesuk
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      Hello and thanks for this mod... my issue is the bed performance, ( I drop around 10/20 fps and with the update ( even more. I run the game with a GTX1080 Ti and i7 6700k.
      Any solution.? It's a bit wierd no..?
    6. MrTaby12
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      it's a great mode none the less and thank you for that but I got huge fps drops like 15-20fps in some areas and I even have a pretty good pc (rtx 2060 s + i5 9400f)and I can get around 35-45 fps in cities, the new game updates were poorly optimized from the beginning so all I ask is if you could tell me a way to just remove the helios hideous eyes and that sun behind the character's head and that's all, like I remember being able to do anything I like with the models in gta V with the open iv tool but how did you do it in ACO???
    7. Gafonator
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      posted in error, apologies
    8. Gafonator
      • supporter
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      Hi, thanks again for the great effort, it's much more immersive now. Anyway, I've version 1.5.4 and I wish to report a bug. Do you possibly know the solution? Enemy health bars are suddenly missing. Be it while aiming an arrow on them - no HP deduction is shown as before - or be it in the melee fight. Only enemy level shows. All settings are "on" i.e. in the game menu itself, and in the mod's hud_settings.ini there is disable_EnemyHealthbars = 0.
      I've even tried to use the keybind option to show the hb and effects. Keybind shows only enemy level again, nothing more. I've replaced the whole mod with the default one from the zip file and then with the update. Only then the issue is gone.
      Edit: I was a bit stupid, apologies. I've only reinstalled the default mod and not the update at first. So the issue persisted even after "reinstalling" the mod. Now I've reinstalled default mod and it's update and the issue is gone. I'm going to investigate.
    9. vahndaar
      • supporter
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      Hi, disabling enemy health bars seems to also remove the background behind the location objectives. Apart from that seems to be working fine.

    10. xxxSYNNxxxx
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      hi, thx for mod,
      the only things i cant seem to get rid of is the effects of the black unicorn, the glowy stuff around his feet, the white unicorn is fine, nothing shows, and also some slight water glow at dock areas and the spot where u wait for the adrestia, although it seems less glowy light than normal and i cant rly see a beam of light going into the sky until i get close to area with prompt for the 'wait' command, so im wondering if reshade has anything to do with that?
      just fyi- as these aren't a major problem to me nor does it stop this mod from being a must have. thx

      most recent game update, using latest version of mod and "legit" owned game
    11. Moies
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      Is it possible to disable controller rumble/vibration only when aiming with the bow, and keep all other instances of rumble active?
    12. MajorMeowMix
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      When disabling the glowing eyes for Herakles set, it doesn't actually restore normal eye textures, they become almost black and effect other NPCs as well.

      This is on game version 1.5.4

      *Tested with other glowing eye effects for sets that I have. Celestial works as intended, Sphynx works as intended, Helios works as intended. It appears to only be Herakles that I'm seeing this issue with. It looks like it turns all NPC's eyes to the weird blackish eyes.
    13. Kwev
      • member
      • 5 posts
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      Hi. Could you provide more info on how you resolved the issue ?

      I'm having the same problem (healthbars not showing) and I'm pretty sure everything is installed as it should. I think there's a conflict with some options I wanted to disable and the health bar, but I can't seem to find what it is. It's not only the Healthbars that are missing, but also the locked icon on ennemies when pressing R3.

      [EDIT] I thought I could reply to a reply. Turns out I can't.
    14. Kwev
      • member
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      Hello. Love the mod, but there seems to be some kind of conflict somewhere. If I were to hide any setting in the list below, Enemies' Health bars won't appear anymore in the game, regardless on any other settings in the game or in the mod.

      The list :
      $disable_AncientIcon = 0
      $disable_AthenianPolemarchIcon = 0
      $disable_BlackshmithIcon = 0
      $disable_BountyHunterIcon = 0
      $disable_BountyHunterHuntingYouIcon = 0
      $disable_BountySpjavascript-event-stripped 0
      $disable_DockIcon = 0
      $disable_CultistLocatijavascript-event-stripped 0
      $disable_DiscoveryArtIcon = 0
      $disable_DiscoveryCitiesIcon = 0
      $disable_DiscoveryCompleteIcon = 0
      $disable_DiscoveryIcon = 0
      $disable_DiscoveryLifeIcon = 0
      $disable_DiscoveryPoliticsIcon = 0
      $disable_DiscoverySiteCompleteIcon = 0
      $disable_DiscoverySiteIcon = 0
      $disable_DiscoveryWarIcon = 0
      $disable_FallenIcon = 0
      $disable_RealmPortalIcon = 0
      $disable_SpartanPolemarchIcon = 0
      $disable_Synchrjavascript-event-stripped 0
      $disable_TourStopIcon = 0
      $disable_UndiscoveredFallenIcon = 0
      $disable_UndiscoveredBountyhunterHuntingYouIcon = 0
      $disable_UndiscoveredBountyhunterIcon = 0
      $disable_Unsynchrjavascript-event-stripped 0
      $disable_WingsofHermesDownwardsIcon = 0
      $disable_WingsofHermesUpwardsIcon = 0

      It took me a few hours to narrow it down. I tried switching every settings on / off in the mod and restarting the game everytime with each change. Sorry I can't figure how to narrow it more. ^^'

      Also, I think it would be nice to have an option to hide on the compass only. I'm not against seeing a Blacksmith or a Quest marker with my hero, since they only appears when you are close to them. :)
    15. wildbeaver
      • supporter
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      ATTENTION! Here is how to bring back missing health bars ( even when they re not disabled in the settings )

      This part of the settings is what causes it :

      ; Below settings are only for icons that are by default visible : on the map, 
      ; on the compass, for your hero (floating in 3D) and for Ikaros (floating in 3D)
      ; (all possible display locations)
      ; Options:
      ; 0 - don't do anything, 
      ; 1 - hide for all above mentioned, 
      ; 2 - hide only for your hero (floating in 3D),  
      ; 3 - hide on the compass and your hero (floating in 3D)
      ; 4 - hide only on the map, 
      ; 5 - show only for Ikaros (floating in 3D)
      ; 6 - show only on the map

      When you set any of those options to 3 ( disable floating 3D + disable on compass ) it seems to mess up the animated parts of the hud so anything that would animate no longer does - enemy health bars don't show up, compass doesn't blink, gold health bars become static, bounty bar doesn't flash etc. I suspect the author messed something up with the .psd files which seem to contain animated hud. Therefore if you'd like to play with compass and have those icons disabled then you won't get any healthbars on enemies. Fortunately you can still disable those icons for just your character ( option 2 ) and not have them constantly handholding you to poi. Then you can just disable compass to get rid of them entirely ( they still appear for your eagle so whenever you need to you can still access them easily ), this is what works for me but feel free to experiment yourself.

      I hope the author fixes this option so it will be playable in the future. I can't imagine playing origins or odyssey without those mods, they re a must.
    16. CynicalCreator
      • member
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      Amazing mod, makes the game so much better with all the extra stuff, greatly appreciated. I think I found a weird issue with the hud toggle, it doesn't make sense, but with the hud toggled off, and depending on what random direction you're looking while in different locations, the above compass text of the location name will appear on screen. Example, in Attika, Ruined Sanctuary of Ajax on the Isle of Salamis, the name stays on screen unless you're facing east. The only way to make it not happen is by turning off the compass in the menu settings, unless there's another setting that removes it.
      And i couldn't find anything to remove the colored circle that sometimes show up when using the Hero Strike ability with an Isu weapon
    17. skyler544
      • member
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      Could you add an option to remove the glowing runes on the Xiphos of Peleus sword for game version 1.5.4?
    18. Becksterx
      • member
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      disabling Helios glowing eyes do not work on latest game version any fix, please
    19. WinterBlanketTM
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      • 47 posts
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      The isu armor and weapon glow isn't working
  4. filipeknehehe
    • member
    • 21 posts
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    Godsend mod, I cannot stress how much I f***ing despise these stupid over the top out of place effects in games..
    Love you mister modder.
  5. zemarauder
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    does anyone know how i can do a clean uninstall of this mod?? some effects such as the keybinding and f10 still annoyingly linger even after uninstalling
  6. Lukyz
    • premium
    • 48 posts
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    I cant figure out why but after changing my GPU to RTX 3080 this mod suddenly crashes my game. I did clean install of Windows, game and mod but still getting crash in main menu. Is there anyone who could suggest any reason why? I tried to turn on log but its just too complicated for my understanding. 
    Thanks for any advice guys.  
    1. Aklis
      • supporter
      • 52 posts
      • 3 kudos
      I'm having the same problem except I'm on an RTX 2060. It seems there's something wonky with 3Dmigoto. Would you mind sending me the log with the following settings turned on?

      ; Log all API usage

      ; Log Input key actions

      ; Super verbose massive log

      ; Unbuffered logging to avoid missing anything at file end

      ; Force the CPU affinity to use only a single CPU for debugging multi-threaded

      ; Log NVAPI convergence modifications
      ; Log NVAPI separation modifications

      ; Enable 3DMigoto's deadlock detection algorithm. If you get hangs (not
      ; crashes) this might help find out why.
  7. eyeONE
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    • 18 posts
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    thank you very much for this awesome mod! :)
  8. danielleonyett
    • supporter
    • 539 posts
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    had problem figuring out how to toggle hud
    figured it out
  9. Lupozero
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    Im still unable to remove:
    -violet floating icon of the chief of a nation
    -the red floating icon on the one who put a bounty on you
    -some bounty hunter has the distance floating icon :\
    1. Dahveed
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      • 3,712 posts
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      Did you ever figure out how to remove the distance floating icon from the bounty hunter?  This is pretty much the only reason I installed this mod, I don't want a GPS computer telling me exactly where my supposed "hunters" are.

      (Honestly I can't believe they would do something that stupid!)
  10. ConfidesConch
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    • 36 posts
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    03.02.2022 Update 1.5.6
    Hello, i don't know if this mod will get future updates or not. 
    The game got a update whitch ads the cross storys.

    I find out that the eyes effects (glowing) no longer work in this mod: 

    not work anymore: $disable_HeliosSetGlowingEyes

    The "$disable_HeliosSetHalo" works fine so i don't knwo if this is just only a address issue  because of the latest update.

    I tried with and without the update of this mod but only the Helios effect works after update. 

    Hope the mod will get a Update because i very like this mod :)

  11. Captain12
    • premium
    • 344 posts
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    Yikes, author hasn't been online in almost a year. Think we can kiss this mod goodbye unless someone knows how to update it.
  12. Captain12
    • premium
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    Latest game update, disabling Celestial Armor eye glow, hair, and face no longer works.
  13. flippy042nexux
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    I wish removing Kassandra's veins didnt also remove her underwear... the low-poly undercarriage is really distracting when swimming.