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Allows you to customize your HUD and to remove all the unnecessary effects you always wanted gone from the game.

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This mod uses 3D Migoto to work. I created it inspired with what the "No floating hud icons" and "Toggle Hud" mods were able to do for the game.
Or at least that's how it started
The mod is compatible with Reshade and Forger based mods, its NOT compatible with Resorep mods 
You need a recent version of Reshade running using dxgi.dll for it to work with this mod. Old Reshade versions and Reshade working on d3d11.dll are not supported.

Mod Requirements :
Lastest, legit version of the game installed. If you don't have that feel free NOT to report any issues you encounter.

================TO INSTALL==============

1. Unpack the contents of the zip into the game directory and overwrite when asked
2. Done

3D Migoto is already included with the mod.

If you are updating and had ini's configured you will need to reconfigure the ini files

All the options can be tweaked in the ´╗┐hud_settings.ini and effect_settings.ini
You can change the settings while playing, just alt + tab out of the game, open one of the ini's, change some stuff and save the ini. When back ingame press F10 to load the new settings.

==========IMPORTANT NOTICE============

From version v2.1.2.0 forward all settings are disabled by default.
You need to enable the settings you want by yourself in effect_settings.ini and hud_settings.ini. That way you only enable what you want and won't tell me something is missing or something is wrong, because you didn't pay enough attention to what the mod does and what is enabled by default in the ini's.

When it comes to effects:
The settings included in effect_settings.ini might remove more effects than actually described in its description, so if you are looking to disable a certain effect, which you don't see in the description:
1. try setting all the settings in effect_settings.ini (to a value equal or grater than 1) (depending on what value a certain setting can take) (usually it's 1)
2. check if the effect you wanted to remove is removed, if so then find out which setting removed it,
3. if not removed report it in the posts section

The eicm.ini or d3dx.ini are not meant to be modified by users so don't.The mod might have bugs or missing icons. If you notice anything let me know in the comments


The mod allows you to disable the following effects (each one individually and independently of others):
- Enemy Proximity without messing up the ability widgets when using the keyboard (this happens when you turn off Enemy Proximity via ingame settings)
- pulse when hitting enemy with arrow
- firebomb and poisonbomb warning circle when its about to explode
- wood and ore pulsing/glowing effects
- loot sparkle particles
- weapon trails
- arrow trails
- sparks when parrying enemy weapons
- light and heavy attack warning circle effects
- light and heavy attack warning flash effects
- heavy attack warning sparks
- red flash on weapons when heavy attack is fully charged
- spear of Leonidas activation effects
- spear of Leonidas Fire Effects
- devastating shot and multishot arrow effects and probably other glowing crappy arrow effects (can't imagine who thinks this crap is a good idea)
- glowing effect when Second wind ability used, also a glowing effect on the enemy when their rage triggers
- glowing poison effects on enemies
- green tint on poison arrows
- poison smoke effects
- enemy red smoke when their rage triggers
- bright water highlight showing dock location when sailing
- naval arrow path visualisation when aiming to shoot on the Adrestia
- glowing marker in port on call Adrestia spot
- reduce the unneccessary effects on the naval arrows
- glow effect on the Adrestia when its health is being restored
- highlight effect on enemy ships showing a weakpoint
- white path line when using follow road
- pegasus armor falling feathers
- isu armor yellow glow effect
- isu weapons yellow glowing effect
- colossi glowing body lines
- isu soldier glowing eye effects
- Hermes Trismegistus staff effects when liberating an Isu soldier
- the Isu lines on bodies of members of the precursor Isu race
- the path shown between discovery tour stops
- vertical highlight effect shown on discovery tour locations
- eagle sense circular wave effect
- sparkles when activating and deactivating invisibility
- black smoke seen on the Hades Armor set
- red lava like glow on the Hades Armor set
- burned skin effect that you can see on your hero when using the Hades Armor Set
- lava drop effects that you can see when using the Hades Armor Set
- red glow seen on the Ikaros Armor Set
- smoke seen on the Ikaros Armor
- text visible on the body of your hero when using Sacred Oracle Armor Set
- white hair when using the Sacred Oracle Armor set and Celestial Armor Set
- pale skin and eye glow when using the Celestial Armor Set
- halo seen when using the Halios Armor Set
- blond hair on your hero when using the Helios Armor set
- skin paint seen on your hero when using the Herakles Set
- eye color change and skin paint seen on your hero when using the Sphinx Set
- skin paint when using the Artemis set 
- glowing eyes seen on your hero when using the Herakles Set
- sparkle effects seen on the unicorn mounts
- rainbowish trail effect behind unicorn feet
- pink horn on the white unicorn
- glow on the Daedalus mount
- glowing eyes on the Daedalus mount
- glowing eyes on the Sacred Deer mount
- letters seen on the fur of the Sacred deer mount
- pink hooves, wings, eyes and horn on the Melania unicorn mount
- pinkish glow on the Pandora's Kopis Sword
- glowing eyes on the Hades Horse Orphnaeus mount
- glowing accessories on all varaint of the first civilisation armor set
- simulation like grid effects seen all over DLC3 Atlantis
- blue letters floating all around DLC3 Atlantis
- yellow lines on Kassandra/Alexios body when using the Dikastes set

Additionally there's a setting which makes your hero really invisible (visually) when using the invisibility ability, also there is an optional setting that will remove the visible veins and scrathes on Kassandra's body

After removing all that glowing flashing smoking nonsense the real game "shines" through and it looks pretty darn good
The way games are made these days pretty soon there will be no need to make surface textures at all,
everything will be glowing and flashing in a big cloud of smoke everywhere you look xD

The settings for effects are located in Mods/effect_settings.ini


The mod allows you to make the following changes to the HUD (each one individually and independently of others):
- Disable the crosshair completely
- Replace the default crosshair with a custom one which doesn't turn red when pointing at the enemy
- Disable the interaction dot icon when able to interact with something
- Disable the pointer which points to a nerby floating icon
- Disable enemy health bar  (must have enemy health bar enabled in game hud options)
- Disable debuff duration/type indicator over enemy's head
- More transparent compass makes the compass more transparent and better to look at especially in restricted areas
- Disable the hidden icon and effect on health bar
- Disable Ikaros crosshair, distance from target wheel, and direction pointers
- Disable Ikaros targetting icon when aiming over point of interest with Ikaros
- Disable the floating distance from location text when flying Ikaros (distance text under compass not included check $disable_distancetxt setting to disable that)
- Disable pointers over each enemy crew member when you board their ship
- Disable clue icons during investigations
- Disable Adrestia HUD widgets
- Gives you options to disable each individual icon ingame (does not include icons floating over tagged enemies, other options disable that)
- Disable the small icons shown over tagged enemies when you are far from them
- Disable level icons for tagged enemies shown when you get closer to your enemy
- Disable the distance text under the compass
- Disable the distance text show for hunted cultists, bounty sponsors, bounty hunters, enemy crew during boarding and distance text shown towards an active  quest objective  (This setting no longer cause any button prompt texts to be missing)

The settings for HUD are located in Mods/hud_settings.ini

============HUD KEYBINDS==============

You can configure a key to disable the HUD on keypress in key_binds.ini
If you don't want to use this feature don't copy the key_binds.ini to the Mods directory
The hud will stay hidden after you press the configured key but automatically enable itself when entering menus, buying from blacksmiths, showing loot information dialog subtitles or dialog options.
When exiting the above it will automatically hide again.
You can also find the KeyShow_HUD in the key_binds.ini. Using this keybind will show the hud when holding down a configured key
You can bind multiple keys to show the hud on key hold just copy/ paste :

type = hold
$disable_hud = 0

rename KeyShow_HUD to for ex. KeyShow_HUD2  and change Key = VK_LSHIFT to a different one
all possible key codes can be found in the ini 
For example you might want to bind this button to your aim button (r mouse button? left trigger? ) while the HUD is hidden. Choice is yours

============OTHER KEYBINDS=============

Additionally you can use a key to show healthbars, debuffduration and enemy icons, when that key isn't held down healthbars and enemy indicators won't show.
In order for this to work you need to set $usekeyhealthbars = 1 in hud_settings.ini. Keys to hide the HUD won't work with this setting on.
After turning this on go to key_binds.ini to configure your keys for this setting.
The keybinds are named [KeyShow_HB&INDICATOR] and [KeyShow_HB&INDICATOR2]
[KeyShow_HB&INDICATOR] will show healthbars and enemy indicators when held down
[KeyShow_HB&INDICATOR2] will act more like the eagle sense ability ,after holding it down for 500ms healthbars and enemy indicators will show up and stay visible for 6 seconds


Big thanks to DarkStarSword for the ongoing development of 3D Migoto and the people of the 3D Migoto community