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This is a lightweight tool which allows the configuration of a few handy tweaks including removing the horse speed restriction, setting a custom XP multiplier, setting custom enemy health and damage multipliers and the ability to remove or set the maximum enemy level delta. Now includes healing tweaks and resource loot multiplier.

Permissions and credits
*** AC Odyssey Tweak Pack ***

*** Compatible With V1.5.4


Hey folks, I need budding guinea pigs volunteers to test this! Whilst I've tested this on my own rig and it runs fine, I haven't tested on other machines. So I need feedback from you fair folks on how well this runs and any bugs you encounter. It's my first stab at a standalone tweak app, which I had to build from scratch for ACOdyssey as there are no modding tools out there.

This is a lightweight tool that allows users to easily configure a few tweaks in the game to customise the experience to their taste, specifically the game difficulty.

Tweaks included are:

- Disable Horse Speed Restriction
- Custom XP Multiplier
- Custom Enemy Health Multiplier
- Custom Enemy Damage Multiplier
- Custom Max Enemy Level Delta
- Custom Drachmae Multiplier
- Custom Healing : Healing Factor
- Custom Healing : Reduced Health Boosts
- Custom Resource Loot Modifier
- Animal Companion : Health Boost
- Animal Companion : In Combat Healing
- Animal Companion : Healing Multiplier
- Reduced Bounty Cooldown
- Disable Region Levels


No installation required, just pop the tweak pack .exe wherever you like and then run it.


Not required, just delete the downloaded .exe if no longer in use. Remember to disable any active tweaks, or restore a saved backup.

How to use:
The tool is a very simple console app. When you run the app, it'll attempt to find your ACOdyssey.exe file. I've tested on Windows 10 and it should find it no problem. However if it doesn't then just key in or paste the full path to your ACOdyssey.exe file. Don't put it in "inverted commas" or anything, that'll break it. Just key it in as it is, for example 'E:\Games\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Assassin's Creed Odyssey\ACOdyssey.exe'.

The tool will then scan the file, checking the status of the tweaks and, fingers crossed, you should get a screen with a list of tweaks all marked 'Inactive'.

If you get any 'Error' statuses, then the tool can't find the location in the ACOdyssey.exe to hook the tweak, most likely due to version conflicts or corruption in the ACOdyssey.exe. I've used bytescanning so it should be fairly resilient but future updates might break it. If you have problems, try reverifying your files to restore an original copy of the .exe. If that version doesn't work, and you're using V1.0.7+ then let me know and I'll check to see what's going on.

Once you're up and running the first thing you should do is take a backup - option S. This will create a backup of your ACOdyssey.exe file in its original state.

Now you're good to go. Toggle on/off the settings you want and set the values. Each time you activate a tweak, the tool will instantly patch ACOdyssey.exe and then scan to ensure the tweak is hooked and mark it as active if all is ok. Same when disabling, the tool will patch and check that the original setting is restored.

When you're ready to try it out, you can run the game using option R.

Tweaks Explained:

Disable Horse Speed Restriction
This removes the forced horse speed cap when approaching towns and cities.

Custom XP Multiplier
This sets the master XP multiplier. You can check this is active as there should be a little yellow circle next to the XP bar when in the menu in the game. This can be used to enable and disable the multiplier.

I have the XP Boost active, so I need to check that others can see this. Theoretically it should appear when the multiplier is set.

Custom Enemy Health Multiplier
This multiplier defines how much health melee opponents will have. Doesn't affect ships.

Custom Enemy Damage Multiplier
This multiplier defines how much damage melee opponents will do. Doesn't affect ships.

Custom Max Enemy Level Delta
This sets the maximum level the player can out-level areas and opponent. It basically configures the whole scaling mechanism. So setting it to 100 for example effectively disables auto scaling altogether.

Cultists and Mercenaries will always be spawned at their set level.
Neutral opponents such as civilians will always turn hostile at the player level.
Attika will always have an upper level equal to the player level.

Custom Drachmae Multiplier
This permits the customisation of drachmae rewards, including random loot. Values less than 1.00 permitted if users want to tone down drachmae rewards.

Custom Healing : Out Of Combat Alternative
Experimental tweak to out of combat healing. The purpose of this tweak is to increase challenge and reduce players' ability to simply run away and heal.

Players can now set a healing factor between 1 and 15. 1 means almost instant healing, 15 will effectively disable healing. The tweak was previously set to a default of 10.

Out of combat healing is affected by this factor and is proportionate to the amount of health remaining. Less health = slower healing. Taking too much damage can result in health not being able to recover at all.

There will always be a very gradual amount if healing whilst mounted and players can also heal when fast travelling.

The ability to heal will start fast, then trail off and then gradually increase as the player levels up, however what is observed will be dependent on what the player sets this factor at, so players are encouraged to experiment.

Custom Healing : Reduced Health Boosts
This reduces the health awarded when using adrenaline based abilities as well as when using the second wind ability.

Custom Resource Loot Modifier
The amount of resources received when looting can be modified using this tweak. Amounts are scaled by a factor of to, so setting this to 1 give 1x2 = 2 times the amount. Setting to 5 yields 1x2x2x2x2x2 = 32 times the amount. So the player can choose from 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 times the rewards respectively.

This applies to all resources except drachmae which has its own dedicated modifier.

Animal Companion : Health Boost
A tamed animal's max health will be set according to the multiplier the player defines. This stacks with other animal HP bonuses. So an animal with base health 5,000, a 1.5x multiplier and +100% health engraving = 5,000*1.5*2.0 = 15,000hp.

Animal Companion : In Combat Healing
Allows tamed animals to heal whilst in combat.

Animal Companion : Healing Multiplier
Sets how quickly tamed animals heal. It's usually quite fast, to slow it down ranges between 0.1 and 0.5 are recommended.

Reduced Bounty Cooldown
This doubles the cooldown speed for player bounties. It's intended for those who don't like simply paying off bounties and would rather go after bounty sponsors or otherwise feel consequences.

Disable Region Levels
Sets all regions to the player level, and therefore also makes all content based on region level the same level as the player therefore removing the level gating in the game. Makes the world truly open for players to explore at will rather than only being able to tackle sections at the player level. Regions are now difficult because of the enemy types rather than artificial 'level' difficulty, as they should be. The result is a much more balanced and open game. Mercenaries will still be at their default levels and quests still appear at their base levels - I haven't tested quest-specific content. From the testing that has been done, some challenging content will still be a level above the player, which isn't unreasonable.