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Changes Kassandra's and Alexios' eye colour. It's a re-upload of an old mod that has been completely reworked to take advantage of the new features of Forger.

Permissions and credits

Choose between 25 eye colours to customize your character and Deimos.
This mod requires Forger patch manager v2.6.5 or above to work. If you don't know how to install and use this tool, take a look here.

In case you're still using my old mod "Alternative Eyes Colours", please uninstall then delete it and use this mod instead.


Unzip and drop the file "CustomizableEyeColour.forger2" into your "ForgerPatches" directory.
Launch Forger and tick the box corresponding to the character whose appearance you want to change then select the new eye colour in the drop-down menu.

Note: Forger makes permanent -but reversible- changes to your game, so you don't have to run the tool every time you're playing.

Known issue

In some flashbacks, the eyes of young Kassandra/Alexios will revert to their original brown colour. I know it's annoying but I haven't figured out how to prevent that from happening yet.

To revert to the vanilla eyes colour

Launch Forger, untick the box corresponding to the eye colour you're currently using. Launch the game, your character's eyes should be brown again.



1. Deactivate the mod to revert to an unedited version of the forge files.
2. Delete the file "CustomizableEyeColour.forger2" from your "ForgerPatches" directory.


This mod is compatible with hypermorphic's Alexios/Kassandra customizer but only for the colour changes applied to the basic eyes.
Fancy eyes (from Medusa onward) won't appear.

To make the two mods work together:

In "Alexios/Kassandra Customizer" (v5 and above):
- activate "Alexios/Kassandra Template body"
- activate the templates you want but leave "Template eye colour" unchecked.

In this mod:
- check "Alexios' eye colour" or "Kassandra's eye colour" (or both if you also want to change Deimos' eye colour).


- To pineapples721/theawesomecoder61 for Blacksmith, the assets browser.
- To hypermorphic, the creator of Forger, for his tremendous help.

Altered forge files

- DataPC_SharedGroup_00.forge
- DataPC_patch_01.forge
- DataPC_15_dlc_patch_01.forge
- in dlc_34 folder: DataPC_34_dlc.forge