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About this mod

This is a simple framework for packaging and installing mods for AC games.

Permissions and credits
For mod users

Forger v2 is intended to simplify mod installation for games that use .forge archive files (AC Odyssey, AC Origins, AC Valhalla).  Mod authors package their changes as .forger2 files which can include multiple, optional mods.

What mods are available?

My own for Odyssey, Origins, and Valhalla, and a few other authors.  See the Requirements list above.

Installing version 2

  1. Verify that one of the restoration processes linked at the end of the article would work for you if your game gets corrupted and won't start.
  2. Extract the EXE and DLL files into a convenient folder (it doesn't matter where)
  3. Launch Forger.exe and click the Locate button at the end of the Game Folder line
  4. Browse to your game installation folder and open its main EXE file (e.g.  ACOdyssey.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Assassin's Creed Odyssey)
  5. Forger will create a ForgerPatches folder inside of your game install folder that will hold your patches.

To install/update/remove patches:

  1. Extract/copy patch collection files (*.forger2)  from Nexus into the ForgerPatches folder in your game installation path.  There is no need to remove older versions of these files.
  2. Open Forger or click the Rescan button
  3. New patches will be highlighted in yellow, and updates to existing patches will display in green.
  4. Click the check next to each patch you want to install.  The first installations will take some time as each *.forge file will be copied to a backup *.forge.original before changes are made.

Upgrading to 2.5 from previous versions

The first time you point it at a game installation modified by an earlier version, you'll be prompted to go through the upgrade process.

  1. Forger will replace your .forge files with their .original backups
  2. You will be asked to verify the game installation using Steam or Uplay.  It's highly recommended you do this to start with a clean copy of the game.
  3. Forger will reapply your patches using the new method.  This should be much faster than older versions
  4. You will be asked to rename or delete older copies of Forger.  Combining the old and new methods of applying updates would cause confusing side effects.


If the game fails to start and uninstalling patches doesn't resolve the problem, you can try restoring your game in 2 ways.

  1. Reset All Forges button within Forger
  2. If the game still does not launch, use the verify/repair function for your game installation:


For mod creators

Documentation for Forger and its file format is available on the Articles tab.

Texture modding documentation (2019-08-31) - Forger 2.6 beta can now replace Resorep or work in conjunction with it for texture mods.