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  1. QTmodz
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    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Remastered Final Version is uploaded

    Includes a lot of fixes and some new textures like new 4k clouds and skies for all regions, etc.
    I changed the saturation of my previous veg textures and now they have a more natural color.
    The silly default down up Screen haze is now fully fixed including the games default super nova. 

    I completely changed the Reshade to work along side the textures and to have a more balance feel,
    It is also more fps friendly compared to previous Version since a lot of the new work is done via the textures.

    As for the textures they are now in one pack instead of many.

    Hope you enjoy and sorry for the wait when the game first loads the textures, Nothing can be done about this.
    But anyhow grab a cuppa while the textures are loading

    Thanks again guys for using my work
  2. Dbfan4life
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    Can confirm that this mod does not work on ubisoft connect version. I tried everything I can think of but the mod just won't click except for the reshade.

    The only solution apparently is to download a pirated version which I simply refuse to do. A shame really, if it worked I'd've definitely endorsed.
  3. Msspera
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    The mod is not Working in steam version, only in cracked one. I tested with skidrow crack and it worked
  4. Moyano174
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    I can't get it to work too.
    I tried launching everything as admin but nothing works.
    @QTmodz pls help!
    i'm use ubisoft connect version
    reshade works, but mod don't
  5. LowLoy
    • member
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    Sadly I can't get it to work too.
    I tried launching everything as admin but nothing works.
    It seems like Brotherhood (and maybe other games) can't be launched with texmod.
    Does anyone have the mod working ?
  6. MentalyJez
    • member
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    Textures don't seem to work on Steam version of the game
  7. Hardmethod
    • member
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    LOOKS AMAZING IN 4K @120 !

    First i thought it had some problem.
    First of all - always launch texmod and game with admin rights.

    When started a game from texmod, it took some time even on my pc to start (first start i did ctrl ald delete, because i thought its stuck)
    It will always for some reason takes me some time even tho i have good rig. SO do not panic if after launching texmod your screen looks like stuck for 20-30 sec.

    I still have some stutters tho. I have I 9 9900KS with RTX 3080 10 gb and 32 gb of 4ghz ram.I have 120+ fps, but when some cutsccenes or quest begins, fps dropping to 30 for literally 1-2 second, what can be the reason? It's annoying especially when you recording the game.

    The work you did just amazing. If i can somehow optimize it within game (maybe need to try 4gb patcher just in case)
    Don't know what else can be a reason. Maybe i need to turn off post effects from options.

    It's really stutters a lot and annoying. It can drop to 30 fps totally in random places, in open, in close, so it's not about hardware. Must be a way.
  8. Drive637
    • member
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    I'm really desperate to make this mod work as you've made a very good job of updating the textures. This said, even after following your tutorial, I don't see the Remastered label appear when I boot the game with texmod and obviously the textures won't load. Has the support for texmod stopped somehow making all of this obsolete? Is it compatible with the steam version of the game?

    EDIT : after trying with a physical copy of the game it still doesn't work, but on the other hand, installing a cracked version makes it work which is kinda sad.
  9. Saintchute
    • member
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    did everything right, but i still cant figure out how to load the textures via textmod. I installed Textmod the correct way but still the textures just wont load in any solutions ? :(
    But Reshade preset works fine.

    Installed dx 9 version of reshade and also running textmod as admin.
    (Ubisoft Connect key)
    1. Saurabh24
      • member
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      when you run with texmod you need to wait for some momments more or a minute because i inpected it and found that while loading into the memory texmod app is slow. you need to just wait and when launched the animation in ac Remastered will be written 
    2. asde696
      • premium
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      For me the game launches instantly, are u saying wait in start screen or should the game take time to launch? Can't get textures to load 
    3. maximumsohan
      • member
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      Sadly this is the case with me as well. I installed everything as mentioned. Selected the exe and the required tpf file and click "RUN", Game starts immediately and loads in the vanilla start screen. :( 
  10. Michaels1974
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    Where is the download link 
  11. asde696
    • premium
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    it runs but it doesnt work