Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon
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Want people to stop congratulating you for beating Balteus (it was harder in 1.01)? Download and install this mod so you can enjoy the """true""" experience.

Permissions and credits
I'd like to preface this mod by saying play the game however you want. You bought it so you get to decide how you want to play it. Don't let anyone say you didn't beat this boss or that for real because it was nerfed. I made this mod mostly to preserve the original difficulty as a point of reference moving forward. With that out of the way you can read the juicy details below.

Reverts boss changes from patch 1.02 back to patch 1.01. This includes changes to the main three offenders Balteus, Sea Spider, and CEL 240.

Balteus: Missile homing restored to original strength.
Sea Spider: Resistances increased back to original values and giant exploding laser AoE radius increased back to original value.
CEL 240: Triple laser sword swing lead tracking strength increased back to original value and Coral damage values increased back to original values.

Install Instructions:

  • Backup regulation.bin in the game install directory.
  • Copy and paste regulation.bin from install folder into game install directory.
  • Start the game in offline mode (ModEngine also works).


Q: The game isn't starting when I run it.
A: You're trying to launch the game in online mode with EAC. Use ModEngine or go into your game directory and launch the game from armoredcore6.exe.

Q: You're missing a change they made in 1.02 it feels like they made the hitboxes smaller.
A: Show me definitive proof through video or code and I'll consider making the change. Game feel and that one person you always hear from don't count as proof.