Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

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Changes the thruster colors of all generators to appear as if you were using a Balam, Arquebus or Institute generator, even if you're not.

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Generator Colors

Changes the thruster colors emitted by all generators to either Balam orange, Arquebus blue, or Institute Coral red, as if you were using a generator of that company. Also affects shields etc. the same way those generators would.

There are multiple downloads available, which will change all generators to the respectively listed color.


  • Using mods can lead to being banned from the game's online services. Never launch the game through Steam when modding.
  • This mod will only be compatible with the Regulation Version it was made for. Read the version information on the download page.


Using ModEngine2

ModEngine2 lets you manage Fromsoft game mods without endangering your Game folder, and lets you continue to play the vanilla game via Steam.
(This is not the weird "Mod Engine" app that is just some glorified trainer.)

  • Put the regulation.bin file into your "mod" folder used by your ModEngine2 installation.
  • Run ModEngine2 as usual.

Details on how to use ModEngine2 can be found with Mod Engine 2 itself.

Without ModEngine2

  • Navigate to your ARMORED CORE VI\Game folder.
  • MAKE A COPY of your regulation.bin file there. Keep it somewhere safe.
  • Replace the existing regulation.bin file with the one bundled with the mod.
  • Run the game via the armoredcore6.exe file, NOT through Steam.

To uninstall, put your ORIGINAL regulation.bin file back where it was.