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A high quality vivid visual overhaul with tons of OPTIONAL cinematic effects. Minimal performance impact. Effects include working depth of field, enhanced bloom with lens dirt and lens flares, film grain, cinematic letterbox, and lens aberration.

Permissions and credits
*If you like this ReShade, please feel free to come back and endorse the mod. And, I would love too see pics of your Javelins in game, you can set up a screenshot hotkey and change the screenshot format to PNG in the ReShade settings menu, this will let you take pics that you can upload here on Nexus, post em in the images section :)

Golden Boy Cinematic ReShade

*It's hard to show in a screenshot, but I made it so that you'll get a cool cinematic lens flare when you shoot your weapon, boost, use most explosive weaponry, see explosions in general, and when you're just flying around. This effect, along with all others is optional and can be toggled off from in game with hotkeys.*


A vivid visual overhaul with tons of OPTIONAL cinematic effects. Minimal performance impact. Effects include working depth of field, enhanced bloom with lens dirt and lens flares, film grain, cinematic letterbox, and lens aberration. Golden Boy ReShade is a vivid complete visual overhaul for the already extremely gorgeous Anthem, from Bioware and EA. Golden Boy ReShade enhances colors on an individual basis, using the Lightroom shader, so you won't find any ugly blanket color saturation that looks ugly and distorted on some colors while looking good on others. Additionally, I've made individual adjustments to shadows, highlights, exposure, and contrast, with a bit of sharpness in the end to give you the effect of "wiping off your glasses" and seeing the game in a pseudo HDR.

This preset isn't aimed at realism or fantasy, per se, but rather to simply give players an extra wow-factor for their game. I also very much wanted metal to look shinier, and now it does. All the added effects, even the color and lighting enhancements can be toggled off and on with hotkeys from in game, no menu-fiddling required. Oh a did a little color correction too, though the colors were admittedly pretty balanced out of the box (hats off to Bioware).

Hope you like it!



1. Download ReShade framework here:

2. Run the .exe, choose your Anthem .exe, called "Anthem.exe", which is found in this subfolder path: "... Origin Games\Anthem"

Now choose the DirectX 10+ version when it asks which API to use.

3. Select yes when it ask if you want to download a collection of effects. Click "uncheck all" and just select "Border" (you'll be using the shaders and effects from my dropbox folder instead). GO TO YOUR GAME FOLDER AND DELETE THE "DXGI.DLL" FILE. IT IS THE RESHADE .DLL FILE, NOT A NATIVE GAME FILE, SO DON'T WORRY.

4. Download my zip file on the file page here on Nexus.

5. Open the zip folder and paste the "reshade-shaders" folder, the "d3d11.dll" file, and the "Mercs Golden Boy ReShade 1-0.ini" file in your Anthem folder, where you found your game's .exe, "... Origin Games\Anthem" folder. Overwrite all if it asks. Don't worry, you are only overwriting ReShade files, not any of your game's actual files.

6. Run your game and open the ReShade menu with Shift+F2 and open click the little arrow at the top of the reshade menu to open the drop-down menu. Select the preset .ini file. (If you don't care about Depth of Field, then you can stop here. If you want to use DoF, then please continue to step 11, it's not as intimidating as it looks, only takes about 10 seconds to do once in game).

7. To get DoF working once you leave Fort Tarsus, open the ReShade menu and click on the DX11 tab at the top. Now check the first box under the "Depth Buffers" one at a time, closing the ReShade menu after each one you check to see if DoF is working properly in game yet. If DoF is flickering on and off every second, or if it's not appearing at all or is appearing in weird splotchy spots, then just keep clicking down the list and closing the menu and checking if it's working right after selecting a new box. It sounds complicated, but it literally takes 10 seconds. You will probably need to do this each time you launch the game and arrive somewhere outside Fort Tarsus. If DoF stops working in Fort Tarsus, then you can do this same process to get it to renable there too, but probably not worth the time for limited amount of time you'll be there as you'll have to redo the process again when you leave the fort again. Also Dof will probably just get in the way of menus in Fort Tarsus anyway.

8. Profit? Ps: Recommended to turn off the game's Chromatic Aberration from the video settings\graphics settings menu. Tested and optimized for all Ultra settings except set Lighting to High.


*Be sure your Numberpad is enabled or they won't work. All hotkeys remappable from the ReShade menu*

Open the ReShade menu - Shift+F2

Toggle the entire ReShade on and off - Scroll Lock

Depth of Field (implementation 1, on by default) - / (division sign) on numberpad

Depth of Field (implementation 2, off by default) - 7 on numberpad

Letterbox (black bars) 0 on numberpad

Sharpening (implementation 1, on by default, off by default) - 5 on the numberpad

Sharpening (implementation 2, sharper than option 1, on by default) - Decimal on numberpad

Film Grain - 3 on numberpad

Bloom, lens dirt, and lens flares - 6 on numberpad

Color and lighting changes (Lightroom) - 4 on the numberpad

Lens distortion and chromatic aberration (off by default, disable in-game chromatic aberration before using mine) - 2 on the numberpad

Display Depth (testing tool for seeing if you set up the Depth Buffer correctly, image should be in a grayscaled look on the right with objects clearly visible. If it's twitching around or it's just pitch black, it's probably set up wrong).

1. Delete the reshade-shaders folder, d3d11.dll (or dxgi.dll if you didn't rename it), and reshade.ini from your game folder. That's it.


You may notice a slight decrease in performance, but it should be pretty close to what FPS you were getting before without ReShade installed, depending on your hardware. You can simply disable ReShade with the hotkey, restoring all your pre-ReShade performance.

If you like the added bloom and lens dirt, but don't like the lens flares, you can disable lens flare and keep the other bloom and lens dirt effects by open the ReShade menu and unchecking bLensEnable from under the Bloom section (bottom half of the menu).


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Exhaustive List Here, constantly updating it as I make new ReShades:

ps: I'm TheMercsAssassin on most other websites, including youtube, twitter and the nexus. Hence, the Merc thing.

ps+: Do not use any part of my ReShade in your own work. Make your own through hard work and lots of time, like I did, please. Thanks.

1) Darth Kadra - The linked ReShade binary is not an official ReShade build and was built by Kadra for the purposes of enabling access to the ReShade depth buffer even when network activity is detected. With the depth buffer enabled permanently, users are able to enjoy depth-buffer-dependent features such as Depth of Field, even while playing cooperatively with friends. Without Kadra's work, which I have expressed consent to use, this would not be possible, as the regular ReShade builds disable depth buffer access when network activity (cooperative play in this case) is detected. 

Proof of permissions from Kadra to me:

2) MartyMcFly - His Lightroom and Advanced DOF shaders are the backbone of this ReShade. They come from his qUINT collection.

3) Crosire - the original creator of the ReShade framework. Obviously none of this would be possible without him.

4) Myself (TheMercsAssassin aka Assassins Decree - For the many hours spent configuring and fine-tuning these effects in this ReShade preset

5) All other creators of individual ReShade shaders and effects