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About this mod

18 new plants in 4 new sets for the Botanical Garden, with new unique icons and set bonuses. Requires Botanica DLC and Land of Lions DLC.

Permissions and credits
Botanica DLC and Land of Lions DLC are both required for this mod to work as expected.

This mod adds 18 new Enbesan plants and 4 new Botanical garden sets based on eastern/southern Africa, with new icon artwork to fit as close as possible to the icons available in-game. The new sets will appear on the 2nd page of the Botanical Garden.

Plants will be available where you expect them: Common-Epic rarity plants are sold at Ketema's harbour in Enbesa, and all plants are possible rewards from expeditions, World's Fair botanic exhibitions, Land of Lions resident quests and available through research.

  • Enbesan Plateau
  • Plants: Tree Fuchsia, Torch Lily, Lion's Ear
    Set bonus: 
  • Rift Valley
  • Plants: Adey Flower, Desert Rose, Wanza Tree, Frankincense, Aloe, Wild Custard Apple
    Set bonus: 
  • Bountiful Branches
  • Plants: Ironwood Olive Tree, Moringa Tree, Warka Tree
    Set bonus: 
  • Jewels of the South
  • Plants: Calla Lily, Royal Poinciana, Spur Flower, Leopard Orchid, Gazania, Cape Periwinkle
    Set bonus: 

How to Use

  1. Install the anno1800-mod-loader (
  2. Download the Fam's Enbesan Flora mod
  3. Place the fams-enbesan-flora folder inside the mods folder in your Anno 1800 directory
  4. Start your game (this mod should work with both new and existing save games)


  • English
  • German (thanks to schwubbe)
  • Spanish (thanks to lucus2000)
  • Russian (thanks to DrD_AVEL)
  • Korean (thanks to modpark817)
  • French (thanks to Rockefeller157)
  • All other languages are auto-translated. All help with correct translations is appreciated!

If you wish to translate this mod into other languages, please contact Fam#9120 on Discord.