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The gas refinery produces gas from oil wells in both the Old World and New world and the gas stations use gas to supply fuel to farms in the Old World, New world and Enbesa.

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This is my first attempt at a mod for Anno 1800, its been over a year since I last played and I noticed a much loved mod I used to use no longer works "Gas fracking and Fuel stations" So in essence this was born from that, credit to them for the idea.

This mod does basically the same as the former mentioned "Gas Fracking" it generates gas from oil wells with the bonus of not having to lay railway, it will deliver straight to a warehouse, the Gas stations use Gas to supply farm tractors (also no railway needed). Gas can also be used in the vanilla power station once you reach investors.

How to install:
After downloading the .rar file you will need to extract it
Inside the main "Gas Refinery and Gas Station" folder will be several folders which are the individual mods - these need to be put in your Anno 1800 mods folder

Changed fuel stations to have 3 delivery drivers
Added "Gas power plant" for those without it in their game
Added alternative Gas refinery that uses oil via train and rail to refine into gas (this can be a boosted production)

NOTE: As mentioned above this is my first attempt at a mod for Anno 1800 and there may be bugs/issues, I have tested what I can and it all works fine for me.